Missions at Dwell

Global Partners

The Missions Division exists to catalyze indigenous church planting movements and develop under-privileged communities. The goal is to plant house churches accessible to everyone in a people group, resulting in changed lives and transformed communities. Our vision is to facilitate a global network of 3,000 house churches with 40,000 members and at least 1 house church leader per house church by 2025. We advance these church planting movements mainly through our Global Partnerships program. Global Partnerships are collaborative relationships Dwell has with indigenously-led ministries. These partnerships connect the powerful dynamics of church planting movements around the world with resources Dwell is uniquely able to offer. We form and evaluate these partnerships by how closely they match our Core Values. Our missionaries act as facilitators and trainers in the context of these partnerships.

Fund Status

The interactive chart below gives the financial status of each of our Global Partners. Dwell has committed to fund multi-year projects for each of these ministries. To view the funding status and funding sources click on each ministry's bar. To see the definitions below for the various financial elements in the graph.

Current Year: funds raised to date for each ministry in the Global Partnership Fund (GPF).

General Fund Contribution: money provided for the ministry from the Dwell General Fund.

Undesignated Funds: money given by donors who do not designate a specific Global Partner ministry. Undesignated donations provide the flexibility to direct money where it is most needed.

Fluid Funds: money given by donors that exceeds the yearly target amount. These extra dollars are still earmarked for the donor designated ministry.


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