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In the 1970's Cambodia was scarred by the violent rule of the Khmer Rouge. Now, Cambodians are rebuilding their lives, their culture, their very identity. The country is young, the average age a mere 20 years old. A small middle class is emerging, though heartbreaking poverty is still the norm. Families from Dwell have set out to communicate the gospel in both word and deed by serving the poor through free medical care and education.

The Friendship School

Poverty is a vicious trap for Cambodia’s poor. Education is one form of development that can help free them from the cycle of poverty; however, education is also hardest for them to attain.  Most children in the provinces are unable to receive a sustained education, and many of them drop out of school by second grade.

To meet this need, our team started a small school introducing first grade in the fall of 2009.  The staff consists of Cambodian Christian teachers who have a unique opportunity to serve communities and influence students, their parents, and neighbors for Christ.

Gesler family

Meet the team


Chris and Amy Gesler and their two daughters administer the Friendship School, which provides a quality education to rural children, who would not otherwise be able to afford the public educational system.


Barson family
Bill & Amy Barson and their 2 sons have been working with  the Friendship School for several years. They disciple local church leaders and help coordinate medical clinics at the school and in the region.






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