Dwell Budget and Giving Update

Dwell Finance Information

As of November 25, 2020: 

Our annual Pledge Campaign successfully covered all new ministry programs presented to the church for inclusion in 2020 plans. However, as we finalized details to the budget that included expansion of church programs, the current Covid-19 crisis hit. We communicated a framework to the church for responding to financial pressures during this unprecedented time that included freezing most discretionary spending and expanded church ministry until our financial picture is clearer. 

General Fund (GF) - Paying for the foundation of the ministry God accomplishes domestically and that makes possible His kingdom work around-the-world through Xenos. 

A) Annual Operating Budget (What we have planned to spend for the year)   $ 8,740,310 
B) GF Donations Year-to-Date (What has been received from donors so far for year)    $ 7,119,800
C) GF Receipts Same Time Last Year (Donations thru the same week last year)    $ 7,323,400

Conclusions for General Fund Year-to-Date:  With about 6 weeks remaining in this challenging year, our financial picture remains positive. We did not know what to expect as the year progressed, but so many households have remained faithful and have been able to keep to their commitments. 

We have kept spending under contributions and intend to maintain that approach to finances in our final weeks of 2020 ministry. So our cash position will remain solid as we watch the coming months unfold.

We will continue to maintain a conservative approach to resource allocation. We want to come alongside God's vision for His church and feel He has been leading and focusing us on new ground to take. As people who can do so remain committed to their giving giving plans, we know God will honor that generosity.

Debt - We retain some (very manageable) debt for our church and have substantial future room-to-grow at one of our properties in particular - Oakland Park Ave. in Clintonville close to the OSU campus.

Total Current Debt on All Properties = $729,500

Missions Giving - The largest part of annual growth in Xenos' Missions work funding happens outside of the General Fund. Check out Xenos' Global Partnerships for more on the church's missions work primarily through indigenous movements around the globe, along with the Humanitarian Aid & Development Fund which focuses resources on the poor and at-risk domestically and internationally.