Humanitarian Aid & Development Fund

Our Vision

The Humanitarian Aid & Development Fund exists to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor. At Xenos, we take the scriptural command to love and care for the poor very seriously (Galatians 2:10; Titus 3:14). This fund enables people to financially support relief ministries in our own city and abroad while being confident that their financial gift will meet real physical and spiritual needs. Every penny donated directly benefits those in need, since Xenos absorbs all administrative costs.

Aid Fund Options

Serving the Poor & International Populations:

She Is Safe, SEAsia

Bhutanese Refugee Assistance

Hope for Hilltribes, Thailand

International Friendships

Xenos Free Clinics

Xenos Disaster Relief Fund

Serving Students Across Central Ohio:

Central Ohio Youth for Christ

EPIC Camp Subsidies


Harambee Student Assistance

Akili Christian High School

Fund Status

How the Fund Works

Each fund has a goal. Many of these groups are small, so we want to ensure we give them financial support within their administrative abilities. Also, we try to stay in line with spending priorities at Xenos. We chose the goals with these concerns in mind.

You select the fund(s) for your gift and the amount(s). You can make a one-time gift or pledge to make regular contributions throughout the year. If your fund selection has reached its goal amount, the Missions Division will allocate the funds to one of the under-funded projects.

Criteria for Selection

We use several criteria to select the ministries in the portfolio:

  • Each ministry demonstrates integrity and has a successful track record. The money will be used responsibly to help fund their work.
  • Each ministry is involved in meeting people's spiritual AND physical needs. They are sharing the gospel as a central part of their work.
  • Xenos has a working partnership with each ministry. We have worked alongside them on short-term mission trips or as part of our church-planting work. In all cases, we have personal, on-site knowledge of the work each group is doing.

Benefits to you as a Donor

  • Freedom to choose - Donate to one fund or several, according to your convictions.
  • End of the year update - You will receive a statement at the end of the year

Give to the Humanitarian Aid & Development Fund