Global Workers

Global Workers (Western missionaries) can play a crucial role in facilitating and advancing church planting movements in unreached areas where there are still billions of people who have yet to hear a accessible explanation of the gospel. As a sending church we are committed to sending quality, effective cross-cultural workers overseas to help advance these movements and develop national leaders. We must pursue an approach that empowers indigenous workers to be the key players in reaching their nation and near neighbors and be able to replicate themselves. We will commission Global Workers to existing fields or new fields when we conclude national workers cannot succeed without the presence and assistance of foreign personnel. For example, national leaders might need theological and ministry training or unique expertise not available among their people, or some fields may remain unreached by near-neighbors.

If you are interested in exploring what it looks like to become a Global Worker through Dwell, please reach out to

Our Missionaries

Location Family Name Financial Needs How to Give
Cambodia Tim & Marjie - World Team
Cambodia Chris & Amy Need Funding World Team
Cambodia Bill & Amy - World Team
Cambodia Joke van Opstal - Dwell
Ethiopia Lou & Genet Need Funding Dwell
Eastern Europe Mark & Laura - World Team
Southeast Asia Jeff & Linda Need Funding Dwell
Southeast Asia Patrick & Melissa Need Funding Agency
Southeast Asia John & Ruth - Agency
Southeast Asia Global Workers* - -

*For more information about Dwell families working overseas, email us at