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The task of effectively spreading the good news to the ends of the earth is filled with complex and exciting challenges. Theologians, missionaries, pastors, development experts, medical staff, and thinkers from all fields of knowledge have worked hard in producing excellent material that has guided our Division's thinking over the last few decades. We believe that a highly informed church will be thoroughly equipped to handle the intricacies of doing cross-cultural ministry in the 21st century.

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Location Family Name Monthly Need How to Give
Cambodia Tim & Marjie Fully Funded World Team
Cambodia Chris & Amy Fully Funded World Team
Cambodia Bill & Amy Fully Funded World Team
Cambodia Joke van Opstal Fully Funded Xenos
Ethiopia Lou & Genet Fully Funded Xenos
SE Asia Jeff & Linda Fully Funded Xenos
SE Asia Patrick & Melissa Fully Funded Missions
SE Asia John & Ruth Fully Funded Missions
Domestic Joe & Erin $400 Xenos
Domestic Danny & Cheryl $300 Xenos

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