Get Involved in Missions

As Xenos' footprint across the globe continues to expand, it is our commitment to increase awareness and involvement in our church. Many exciting opportunities exist for individuals who seek to support our Global Partners and our cross-cultural workers.

  1. Attend the next Mission Night on August 12 to celebrate the progress of the gospel around the world with our church. These meetings are designed as a platform where once a quarter members of our church can gather to receive updates on all of our fields. We will dedicate time to praying for these fields after short presentations on select Global Partners featured each quarter. The main purpose of the meeting is to cover our partners in prayer and lift up what God is doing through Missions at Xenos. An additional goal of the meeting is to establish a regular platform where everyone in Xenos can come celebrate what is happening in missions. By spreading information and promoting prayer we hope to create a motivated, unified, and informed community of mission supporters.

  2. Sign up for our Missions Newsletter to receive updates about the work our Global Partners and our missionaries are doing around the world.

  3. Join our Google Groups to be more specifically involved with one or more of our Global Partners. Members of Advocacy Networks will be more closely connected to the missionaries and national workers by having access to more thorough updates from the field and about fundraising, informational, social and prayer events.

  4. Become a Missions Mobilizer to increase awareness and involvement in missions in the context of your home church. The person in this role is tasked with mobilizing the home church to sign up to missions newsletters, attend fundraising or informational events, participate in prayer meetings, and financially contribute to missions.

  5. Go on a Short-Term Trip to serve and support our Global Partners and see first-hand what God is doing through our missionaries and national workers.

Make a Financial Contribution

Providing financial support is one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference. You can do this by making a one-time donation or by committing to be a consistent donor to one or more of our ministries.


To make a financial contribution please go to the giving page by clicking the button above. First, select one of our three giving options: Global Partnership Fund, Humanitarian Aid Fund, or Missionary Support. Then specify which partner, ministry, or missionaries you would like to make a financial contribution to. Finally, follow the prompts on the page to provide any necessary information.

You can also write a check specifying the Global Partner, ministry or missionaries you would like to make a contribution to in the memo line. All checks should be sent to:

Xenos Christian Fellowship
Attn: Missions
1340 Community Park Drive
Columbus OH 43229

Note: Not all of our missionaries use Xenos as their funding channel. We are unable to process donations for missionaries who work with a missions agency. Visit our Global Partnerships page and select "Our Missionaries" for information on how to give to each of our missionaries.

Expand your Knowledge

The task of effectively spreading the good news to the ends of the earth is filled with complex and exciting challenges. Theologians, missionaries, pastors, development experts, medical staff, and thinkers from all fields of knowledge have worked hard in producing excellent material that has guided our division's thinking over the last few decades. We believe that a highly informed church will be thoroughly equipped to handle the intricacies of doing cross-cultural ministry in the 21st century.

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the list of resources we have put together!


For more information, please contact us at