Get Involved in Missions

We are all called to make disciples of all nations, and we seek to mobilize members of our church to support God's work overseas. Many exciting opportunities exist for individuals who seek to support our Global Partners and our cross-cultural workers.

  1. Quarterly Missions Night The main purpose of the meeting is to celebrate what God is doing through our Global Partners an cover our partners in prayer. We gather together to hear amazing updates from selected Global Partners and spend time praying for each ministry. By spreading information and promoting prayer we hope to create a motivated, unified, and informed community of mission supporters.

  2. Missions Newsletter Receive regular updates about the work our Global Partners and our missionaries are doing around the world.

  3. Advocacy Networks To be more specifically involved with one or more of our Global Partners you can join Advocacy Networks by subscribing to the email group for any of our Global Partners. This allows you to be more closely connected to the missionaries and national workers by receiving email updates on prayer requests, fundraising, informational, social and prayer events.

  4. Become a Missions Mobilizer to increase awareness and involvement in missions in the context of your home church. The person in this role is tasked with mobilizing the home church to sign up to missions newsletters, attend fundraising or informational events, participate in prayer meetings, and financially contribute to missions.

  5. Donate Providing financial support is one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference. You can do this by making a one-time or monthly donations to any of our missionary families, the Humanitarian Aid and Development Fund or the Global Partnership Fund.

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