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August Haiti Mission Trip Report

A team of 14 people from Xenos went to Haiti in August to serve at mobile medical clinics and share the gospel. One of the team members, Terri DiPietro shares her experiences...

“The only thing worse than poverty is hopelessness.” – Jim Leffel

After returning from a short-term ministry week in Haiti, how does one respond to the question, “So, how was your trip?” 14 of us are prayerfully engaging in those conversations this week, as we integrate back into our Columbus routine. Sometimes, you just say, “It was amazing!” Sometimes, you answer with stats: our five mobile medical clinics served 370 patients, providing medical exams, pulling teeth, supplying medications, etc. You might describe some physical challenges: the formidable tropical heat, the rough cut roads, the crowded trucks, the nearly impassable roads. Did I mention the roads?

Or maybe, just maybe, you get the chance to talk about hope.

Hurricane Relief Giving Relief Event Monday, 9/11

The effect of Hurricane Harvey to the people of Houston has been devastating and Irma looks to be equally destructive. As a church, we want to give individuals the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing relief and rebuilding efforts.

On Monday, September 11 from 9 am until 5 pm, we will collect donations from those who are interested in supporting the people of Houston and those affected by Irma. Our goal is to raise $25,000. Anything we receive over $25,000 will be added to the Xenos Disaster Relief fund for future emergency relief efforts.

Ministry Highlight: The Access Ministry

by Adrienne Luke

In 1 Corinthians 12:18, Paul says, “But our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where he wants it.” This statement is profound, revealing a deeper perspective of God’s design for the body of Christ and what it means to be fully included and in full participation. When interpreting this verse, we may think of our opportunities to love typical people who just don’t “fit in” in the microculture of our specific home church. Yet when considered more closely, we do well to remember this verse includes people who might look, speak, or behave differently in more than just social ways. And this likely includes people with disabilities - intellectual, developmental, learning, psychological, and even medically-related disabilities. What might it take for our church to fully accept and include people with disabilities? What does it look like to do this well? And, how can we ensure equal access to the gospel of Jesus Christ and a fulfilling and purposeful life for all of God’s children? The individuals who make up the Access Ministry leadership - Dani Shaffer, Greg Roth, Shannon Bennett, Stephanie McHenry, and Kathy Hoffer - have a few ideas.

High School Mission Trip Success

For teens, summer is a time of swimming, spending time with friends, and going on vacation. For 21 Xenos high-schoolers, this summer has also included a week away from home on a missions trip, serving a group of under-privileged kids in the Dayton area, sharing the gospel and operating a sports camp for them.

The camp included Bible teachings and discussions. Trip director Shane Coulter says it was the first time our high school group has done this particular trip and they did not know what to expect. The response was tremendous—over the week nearly 80 different kids showed up, many more than expected.

Shane says the high-schoolers did a great job in what was, at times, a difficult situation. “The kids all came from broken homes and were often super unruly. But our team was patient and worked hard to make it a great week. Our high-school students killed it. They ran activities, put on skits, gave teachings, led discussion groups and helped manage the camp.”

The spiritual response to the week was outstanding—at least 28 of those attending the camp prayed to receive Christ. Among those, Shane says, were some of the most unruly kids, a tribute to the love and patience shown by the high-schoolers.

Blowout Camp 2017 Success

Thank you so much for joining us in committing Blowout Camp into God's hands this year. What an incredible week!

Blowout Camp is Xenos' annual camp for middle school students. In the weeks leading up to camp, junior high leadership had regularly been praying through a list of dozens of students whom we didn't think were Christians. With some, we just weren't sure because they didn't have a clear testimony. The counselors and mature junior high students were very focused on making sure these students understood the gospel message. At camp, four of these students prayed to receive Christ! And for the others on our prayer list, we found that fourteen had prayed to receive Christ prior to camp. These confirmations are exciting. Continue to pray for the remaining students that the seeds planted there would bear much fruit.

A number of cell group leaders reported that students were taking major steps forward in their desire to know God better, serve others, build spiritual friendships and share Christ.

Junior High Ministry Assistant Director Brad DuFault says the teachings, testimonies, discussion groups and morning devotions were great this year. The student testimonies were especially powerful and the discussion groups had better focus and openness than in years past.

Summer Institute Inspires Guests

Even though it may have been raining outside, the weather didn’t stop us from soaking up the teachings at the Xenos Summer Institute (XSI). 

“Fighting For Delight in God's Word by John Cleary was inspiring and comforting. It reminded me that God's work doesn't have to be a chore and it’s really something to we can delight in,” said Hannah Martino, from Michigan. This was one of the breakout sessions that she enjoyed the most.

About 3,600 people attended the Summer Institute, of which hundreds were guests. We had nearly the same number of guests as last year. 

The most heavily attended plenary session was the Thursday evening teaching by D. A. Carson, Understanding for the Simple, out of Psalm 119. The breakout sessions were also very popular with no major overcrowding in the classrooms. Hannah’s brother, Brett, attended his first XSI and said, “It was an amazing answer to prayer! God spoke and it wasn't a whisper!

Harambee Christian School Celebrates 20 Years!

On Saturday, May 13, more than 350 adults and youth attended a celebration of Harambee Christian School's 20th Anniversary. The carnival-themed event included a bounce house and dunk tank, as well as caricatures, face-painting, cupcake decorating, a magician and hip-hop dancing. Volunteers grilled and served the food. And parents who were interested in learning more about the school took tours of the facility.

A special plaque was awarded to Executive Director & Principal, Alex Steinman, for his 20 years of leadership and excellence.

Wanted: Tech Savvy Professionals

Do you have a flexible schedule during the week? Do you love meeting new people both inside and outside of the church? Are you looking to earn some additional money? 

Are you able to troubleshoot problems on your own? 
We are looking for a few people who are available between 7 am and 5 pm on weekdays for occasional work helping groups and organizations with their audio and visual needs. These groups rent out Xenos locations to hold meetings, conferences and events. 
Applicants can specify the days/times when they are available. Ideal candidates would be available 1-2 weekdays each week and must be available during the day (between 7 am - 5 pm). 

Helping a Hurting Friend

When people we care about are going through painful circumstances sometimes it's hard to know how to help.  The biblical counselors at Xenos offer the following advice.

Bev DeLashmutt says when we have a friend who is hurting and we can't relate to their pain that 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4 is a good place to start.  It states that, "...the God of ALL comfort who comforts us in ALL our afflictions so that we may comfort those who are in ANY affliction..."  Bev said she has learned from this verse that it is more important to teach someone how to receive God's comfort than be able to relate to their experience. She tells them the many ways that God has comforted her and assures them that God wants to give comfort in their time of need also.