She is Safe

The Problem

In Southeast Asia, women and girls face a variety of complex challenges including religious
restrictions, poverty, low education levels, physical and sexual abuse, and ongoing health risks. In a unique holistic approach, She is Safe addresses physical, emotional, social and
spiritual issues of women and girls.

Women become confident business owners and community leaders as well as demonstrate to
others how a loving mother changes the home. The women and girls, their families and entire
villages are changed when participants in these ministries are educated and empowered.

She is Safe Strategy

She is Safe’s Transformation Group program seeks to equip women as instructors and evangelists in order to provide vocational training, microloans, health care education and spiritual training to impoverished and abused women. 

Through Transformation Groups, She is Safe offers impoverished women a sustainable route to economic strength and stability by equipping them to improve themselves, their families and their neighbors. Unlike traditional self-help groups, She Is Safe’s model prioritizes gospel outreach, the prevention of abuse and exploitation of women and girls, and generosity from the beneficiaries of the program.

Transformation Groups additionally work to address injustices and demonstrate practical solutions by bringing women together for collective impact, mutual support, saving and lending, record keeping, leadership development, and training. Women in TGs learn about the power of collective will and voice, become sisters for life, support each other to succeed, and advocate for women and girls in their community—to the end that every at-risk girl would be safe, free and equipped.

Goals for our partnership

Within a year we hope to make progress toward these goals:

  • 652 women in 52 Transformation Groups receive life skills training, peer support and hear the gospel as evidenced by weekly attendance reports.
  • 156 Office Bearers receive office bearer training, including Business Training, as evidenced by attendance reports.
  • 130 women in Transformation Groups increase family income as evidenced by testimonies and Field Worker reports.
  • 140 women in Transformation Groups will take steps of faith as evidenced by member testimonies.
  • 150 women in Transformation Groups start new businesses as evidenced by Field Worker reports.

For more information about She is Safe please visit their website.