High School FAQs

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You have several meetings each week. What are they, and how do they differ from one another?

Most high school group members attend two meetings per week – home church (usually on Sunday) and Central Teaching (CT; on Tuesday).

In ancient times, Christians met for church in their homes. Home churches are small bible study groups, usually of fifteen to forty students, that meet in homes around Columbus. For more information, see our page on home churches.

Central Teaching (CT) is a larger meeting at two venues – the Main Campus Cafe (North CT) and the Warehouse Study Center (South CT). At these meetings, hundreds of students come to hear a bible teaching and hangout afterwards. For more information on Central Teaching and their locations, see our page on Central Teaching.

Both of these meetings are open to non-Christians and questions about Christianity are encouraged.

In the high school group we try to follow the Bible’s call and example of regular fellowship with other Christians (see Acts 2:46,47; Hebrews 10:24,25; and the “one another” passages throughout the New Testament). Attendance at both meetings every week is not a requirement to be a member of the high school group, but regular involvement is encouraged. 

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What kind of church is Xenos?

A lot of people ask about the name Xenos Christian Fellowship. Xenos is the Greek word for ‘alien’ or ‘sojourner’. The Bible says Christians are sojourners in this life; our citizenship is in Heaven (Philippians 3:20). Also, the word means ‘host’ and ‘hospitable,’ which we feel we are to non-Christian guests.

Xenos is a movement of home churches, which are grassroots groups that meet in someone’s home. We are a non-denominational fellowship. The high school group has two meetings each week – home churches and Central Teaching. Students often try to spend time with one another outside of meetings as well.

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What do we teach at Xenos?

We teach right out of the Bible. At the heart of our ministry is content-rich biblical teaching. We are convinced that the Word of God is, as Hebrews 4:12 says, “living and active.” Because we have a high view of those we influence through our ministry, we believe that they want to be challenged by a reasonable, applicable presentation of the Bible. Furthermore, it is our conviction that spiritual growth and authentic Christian service must be based upon a strong foundation of knowledge of the Scriptures.

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Who are the leaders?

In the high school group, most of the leaders are volunteers that range from college-aged to adults. Leaders are also regularly involved in college and adult home groups. Our ministry approach assumes qualified leaders constantly are rising up in our midst. Our volunteers are required to have a background check performed in order to drive students.

Some parents are concerned about not knowing the leaders of the group. Leaders are available for contact and desire to be in regular communication with parents of students. If you do not have contact information for a leader, feel free to email our administrator Brian Adams to ask for this information!

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