Xenos is known for equipping its members for ministry. Each quarter, hundreds of people enroll in courses at Xenos. The classes are offered in a weekly format, and vary in length from three to 10 sessions. Students pay a small fee to attend each course. 

Core Courses

Level One

Open to anyone. A great place to start learning. (Students of Christian Growth should be current members of a Xenos home group)

Intro to the Bible

Christian Growth

Level Two

For workers finished with classes in Level 1.

Christian Ministry One

Christian Ministry Two

Christian Ministry Three

Level Three

For leaders finished with classes in Level 2.

Christian Leadership One

Christian Leadership Two (No Longer Taught)

Christian Leadership Three

Additional Courses


Bible Book Courses

Elective Courses

Archived Courses (These courses are no longer taught at Xenos.)

2021 Class Schedule

Winter Quarter

January 6 -
March 20

Spring Quarter

  March 31 -  
June 19

Summer Quarter

June 30 -
September 18

Fall Quarter

September 29 -
December 18