Teaching Series from Mark

The Dawn of the Good News
Mark 1:1-8 by Scott Risley
The Baptism of Jesus
Mark 1:9-11 by Scott Risley
Duel in the Desert
Mark 1:12-13 by Scott Risley
Who is Jesus?
Mark 1:21-2:12 by Dennis McCallum
Jesus Subverts the Status Quo
Mark 2:13-17 by Dennis McCallum
Jesus Takes on Tradition
Mark 2:18-3:6 by Dennis McCallum
Parable of the Soils
Mark 4:1-20 by Chris Hearty
Rescued, Rescuer, & Results
Mark 4:21-34 by Chris Hearty
Calming the Storm
Mark 4:35-41 by Chris Hearty
Satan, Society, and Savior
Mark 5:1-20 by Chris Hearty
Reversing the Curse
Mark 5:21-43 by Scott Risley
Leaving the Nest
Mark 6:1-13 by Scott Risley
The Biggest Miracle of Jesus' Life
Mark 6:30-44 by Scott Risley
Walking on Water
Mark 6:45-52 by James Rochford
The Heart of the Issue
Mark 7:1-23 by Conrad Hilario
"Who Do You Say That I Am?"
Mark 8:27-37 by Conrad Hilario
Mountaintop Experiences
Mark 9:2-7 by Conrad Hilario
Greatness in the Kingdom
Mark 9:14-37 by Conrad Hilario
Do Good People Go to Heaven?
Mark 10:13-31 by James Rochford
Servant Leadership
Mark 10:32-45 by James Rochford
Jesus the Miracle Worker
Mark 10:46-52 by James Rochford
Jesus' Triumphal Entry
Mark 11:1-11 by Dennis McCallum
Final Week Collisions
Mark 11:15-33 by Dennis McCallum
Who Owns This Place?
Mark 12:1-31 by Dennis McCallum
What's Wrong with Religion?
Mark 12:38-44 by Dennis McCallum
Signs of the End
Mark 13:1-23 by Chris Hearty
The Return of Christ
Mark 13:24-37 by Chris Hearty
Are You Ready?
Mark 13:28-37 by Chris Hearty
Why This Waste?
Mark 14:1-11 by Chris Hearty
The Last Supper
Mark 14:12-25 by Dennis McCallum
The Subtleties of Heart Change
Mark 14:10-31,14:66-72 by Dennis McCallum
The Most Important Event in History
Mark 15:27-37 by Dennis McCallum
After the Cross
Mark 16:1-8 by Dennis McCallum