Xenos Summer Institute

Things to Come

Eternity in the Thinking of Ancient Believers
Hebrews 11 by Dennis McCallum
"I Am the Resurrection"
John 11 by Scott Risley
If There is No Resurrection
1 Corinthians 15:16-19, 32 by Jim Leffel
What Will Heaven Be Like?
Revelation 21 by James Rochford
Eternal Weight of Glory
2 Corinthians 4:14-5:10 by Gary DeLashmutt
The Last Days
by Bishop Timothy J. Clarke
Five Myths About Heaven
by Derek Sanford
Global Partnerships - Changing the Face of Eternity
by Dave Glover and Aklilu Kassa
Jewish Eschatology
by Eric Chabot
Motivating Disciples to Become Faithful Evangelists
by Catrina Feeney and Doug Patch
Parenting a Prodigal in Light of Eternity
by Jim Fulford and Susan Fulford
Rapture of the Church
by Chris Hearty
Reaching College Students
by Kelsey Shannan
Simple Living for Teens
by Ryan Weingartner
Teaching Difficult Concepts to Jr. High Students
by Brian Runk and Brad DuFault
The Power of Weakness
by Chris Risley
What If There's No Heaven?
by James Rochford
Xenos Home Group Model
by Patrice McCormac