Xenos Summer Institute

Evangelism: The Unexpected Adventure

The Uniqueness of Christ
by Jim Leffel
The Case for Christ
by Lee Strobel
The Unexpected Adventure
by Lee Strobel
The Outreaching Church
by Dennis McCallum
Questioning Evangelism
by Randy Newman
Good News about Sex
by Bev DeLashmutt
Reaching Jr. High Students
by Brian Runk and Brad DuFault
Why Deeds Aren't Enough
by Chris Hearty
by Craig McElvain
Discovery Bible Studies
by Curt Stearns and Pam Stearns
Corporate Evangelism
by Dennis McCallum
Reaching Couples
by Doug Franck and John Rue
Prayer and Evangelism
by Jeanne Arter
Adorning the Gospel in Your Community
by John Cleary and Sherri Fojas
Reaching College Students
by Josh Benadum
Listening in Evangelism
by Lee Campbell
The Ungifted Evangelist
by Pat Reeder
The Xenos Home Group Model
by Patrice McCormac
Tensions in Evangelism
by Randy Newman
Bringing the Gospel Home
by Randy Newman