TNT Curriculum

2018-2019 Program Year

Remote Sphere Date Main Campus Date Title Series (and link)
3-Jun-18 10-Jun-18 The Ultimate Friend Friendships
10-Jun-18 17-Jun-18 Spiritual Friendships Friendships
17-Jun-18 24-Jun-18 How to Make Friends Friendships
24-Jun-18 1-Jul-18 When Friends Fight Friendships
1-Jul-18 8-Jul-18 Friends with All Friendships
8-Jul-18 15-Jul-18 The Problem Romans
15-Jul-18 22-Jul-18 The Solution Romans
22-Jul-18 29-Jul-18 Rejoice Romans
29-Jul-18 5-Aug-18 God’s Children Romans
5-Aug-18 12-Aug-18 Change Your Mind Romans
12-Aug-18 19-Aug-18 Love Romans
19-Aug-18 26-Aug-18 Forgive your enemies Romans
26-Aug-18 2-Sep-18 Authority Romans
2-Sep-18 9-Sep-18 Edna Harms Famous Missionaries
9-Sep-18 16-Sep-18 David Livingstone Famous Missionaries
16-Sep-18 23-Sep-18 Don Richardson Famous Missionaries
23-Sep-18 30-Sep-18 Ed and Ruth Thompson Famous Missionaries
30-Sep-18 7-Oct-18 Gladys Aylward Famous Missionaries
7-Oct-18 14-Oct-18 Why Share? Sharing Your Faith
14-Oct-18 21-Oct-18 God’s Part Sharing Your Faith
21-Oct-18 28-Oct-18 Our Part Sharing Your Faith
28-Oct-18 4-Nov-18 Live as a Christian Sharing Your Faith
4-Nov-18 11-Nov-18 Intro John
11-Nov-18 18-Nov-18 Water into Wine John
18-Nov-18 25-Nov-18 Healing of the Nobleman’s Son John
25-Nov-18 2-Dec-18 Healing of the Paralyzed Man John
2-Dec-18 9-Dec-18 Feeding of the 5000 John
9-Dec-18 16-Dec-18 Walking on Water John
16-Dec-18 30-Dec-18 Healing of the Blind Man John
30-Dec-18 6-Jan-19 Raising of Lazarus John
6-Jan-19 13-Jan-19 Intro World Religions
13-Jan-19 20-Jan-19 Tribal World Religions
20-Jan-19 27-Jan-19 Hindu World Religions
27-Jan-19 3-Feb-19 Unreligious World Religions
3-Feb-19 10-Feb-19 Muslim World Religions
10-Feb-19 17-Feb-19 Buddhist World Religions
17-Feb-19 24-Feb-19 Intro and Belt Armor of God
24-Feb-19 3-Mar-19 Sword and Breastplate Armor of God
3-Mar-19 10-Mar-19 Shield Armor of God
10-Mar-19 17-Mar-19 Helmet and Sword Armor of God
17-Mar-19 24-Mar-19 Prayer and Relationships Armor of God
24-Mar-19 31-Mar-19 Joseph or Ruth Old Testament Heroes
31-Mar-19 7-Apr-19 Moses or Hannah Old Testament Heroes
7-Apr-19 14-Apr-19 David or Rahab Old Testament Heroes
14-Apr-19 21-Apr-19 Abraham or Esther Old Testament Heroes
21-Apr-19 28-Apr-19 The Word Walking by the Spirit
28-Apr-19 5-May-19 Prayer Walking by the Spirit
5-May-19 12-May-19 Suffering Walking by the Spirit
12-May-19 19-May-19 Fellowship Walking by the Spirit
19-May-19 26-May-19 Serving Walking by the Spirit
26-May-19   No Curriculum Year End Party!