Occult Bondage: Definitions and Solutions

Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum

Evil spirits often seek and obtain influence over people's lives. Authorities on spiritual bondage describe different levels of spiritual influence commonly seen. The following material summarizes the findings of Occult authority, Kurt Koch.

We remind our students that several physiological and psychological conditions can present symptoms similar to demonic influence. The medical possibilities must be eliminated before concluding a person is spiritually influenced.

Types of Occult Bondage

I. Possession (Mk. 5:2-13)

  1. supernatural strength (vs.4), Acts 19:16
  2. paroxysms (vs.5), Mk. 9:20
  3. self-destruction (vs.5), Mk. 9:22
  4. personality split (vs.6,7), Acts 19:15
  5. hypher-anesthesia (vs.7), Mk. 1:24
  6. multiple voices (vs.9), Acts 19:15
  7. resistance (vs.7), Mk. 1:24
  8. transference (vs.13)

II. Subjection - same as above, but less pronounced

  1. resistance to Christ & spiritual truth (difficulty in conversion and growth)
  2. character - excessive immorality or blasphemy without control
  3. strong depression after conversion (dormant before)
  4. more prone to mental problems
  5. mediumistic and/or occultic powers (visions, telepathy, astral projection, divination)

III. Individual Persecution - demons could persecute Christians without gaining actual influence over them. Though technically harmless, persecution can result in the following symptoms:

  1. severe depression (especially when no apparent reason)
  2. nightmares
  3. voices, visitations, etc.

How People Become Subjected or Possessed

  1. Family practice and power handed down by inheritance or transference.
  2. Contact with occult (charmed, mediums, occult practices, etc.)
  3. Open and blasphemous sin (especially for those previously involved).


  1. Possible only through Christ; not possible if person will not turn to Him
  2. Renunciation, Acts 19:19 The biblical example seen in Ephesus is a good idea for those with backgrounds in the occult
    • confession of all known involvement
    • renunciation of involvement by: destruction of occult objects and breaking of occult contacts
    • commitment to Christ
  3. Counselor's Work
    • prayer (Mk. 9:29) and fasting with others as well
    • binding and commanding spirits if there is resistance - base your authority on the Word
    • after renunciation and/or conversion, announce the person's forgiveness and position in Christ:
      • immediately instruct them on Rev. 12:10; Col. 2:15; I Jn. 4:4 
      • urge complete surrender
    • urge them to partake of the means of growth (especially Body-life)
    • if bondage appears to return check to see if they have become involved again with the occult. (Lk. 11:24-26) If so, repeat the renunciation