Types of Financial Support

There are two primary ways to support a missionary financially. One way is by giving regularly at specified intervals, and the other is a one-time donation.

On-going support is applied toward the personal and ministry expenses associated with living and working overseas. It includes things like salary, benefits, housing, benevolence, and travel. Generally, pledges are made by donors to give a regular amount at a recurring frequency, often monthly, but can also be any desired frequency such as quarterly or annually. 

One-time gifts are designed to meet non-recurring financial needs such as when the missionary moves overseas and the expenses associated with setting up a home in that new location. Other common one-time expenses include when a vehicle needs replaced, mandatory conference expenses, and when a cash deficit is created through the loss of the above-mentioned regular monthly support.

Both types of financial contributions to missionaries are fully tax-deductible, assuming they have been commissioned by an accredited non-profit organization, and the donation was receipted by such an organization. 

For more information, please contact our Mission Department.

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