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Special Series in New Year Addresses God's Answer to Social Disunity

Starting January 5th, Xenos will be offering a special series at all adult Central Teachings called "Above the Noise." The series will explore God's perspective on loving those with whom we disagree, and His strategies for promoting true peace--in our community, our relationships, and even in our own hearts.

Four teachers will be presenting, rotating among Central Teachings at Main Campus, the Warehouse, and 4th Street locations. They include:

  • Gary DeLashmutt: While our culture offers a sense of freedom, God offers true freedom to love others, including those with whom we disagree.
  • Mike SullivanJesus offers a foundation for authentic community that can overcome what pulls us apart. 
  • Ryan Lowery: While our culture is divided, the gospel offers hope and promotes the true value of all people, no matter what their views.
  • Jim Leffel: Our current culture leaves many adrift in an ocean of choices, without purpose, But God offers eternal purpose in Christ, allowing us to make sense of our lives.

Please consider inviting a friend or family member to this relevant series. You'll find printed invitations at CT meetings this month. You can see a schedule of topics for your particular Central Teaching at this link.

Upcoming Class Looks at Christians in the Workplace

Xenos is offering a 5 week class this January on a very relevant topic—“Being a Light in the Workplace.” Adam Spitznagle is teaching it, and shares with us his thoughts on the need to explore this subject.

The average person will spend over 60,000 hours working in their adult career. That much time naturally prompts several questions:

  • Is work a negative consequence of the Fall?
  • Does God really care about how I spend my time at work?
  • Does God have good plans for my time and energy at work?
  • How can God use my work to refine my character?
  • Is this high amount of time “wasted time” for the Gospel and the Great Commission?
  • How can I approach my work so that I am integrating God’s radical gospel?

“Being a Light in the Workplace” seeks to answer these questions and equip us with key elements to incorporate God’s Kingdom Work into our daily work.

In order to achieve this, God will raise our awareness of key needs that we will explore in the class. We need to have a deepening understanding of God’s amazing grace toward us. We need to have a solid vision of the Great Commission and how God wants to weave it into our lives. We need God to help us to understand the landscape of our culture. We need to endeavor to be safe people to our co-workers who are far from God, and we need God to equip us with skills and strategies to build meaningful relationships with our co-workers. We need to be aware of the common barriers to people being open to spiritual conversations. We need God to refine our understanding of work and how we can bring glory to God thru work. We need to believe that since God has "put eternity in their hearts" we can be a part of His divine erosion plans of drawing people to Himself. We need God to empower us to effectively share His word, His worldview, and His gospel of grace to the people we interact with on a daily basis.

As we grow in these key needs, God will expand our ability to see the world the way He sees it, listen effectively to our work colleagues, serve in ways that meet true needs, and embrace eternal values that will help bring people closer to God. This in turn will allow us to be faithful and faith-filled evangelists.

The class starts January 8th. You can learn register at

Xenos Eastside Plans Christmas Event December 22nd

The Xenos Eastside Central Teaching invites you and your East side friends and family to enjoy a Christmas celebration December 22nd at 10:30 am. There'll be music, including a kids' choir and sing-a-long carols. And there'll be a message on the meaning of Christmas. If you have kids, there'll be great childcare, and everyone's invited to a free breakfast afterward!

This will be at the regular Eastside Central Teaching meeting place--6623 Summit Rd. SW, 43062.

Xenos to Celebrate an Olde English Christmas

This Christmas Eve, Xenos will be celebrating the birth of Jesus with “An Olde English Christmas.” The program will be inspired by Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

Please note: the times have been adjusted for this year. The program will be at 3:00 and 5:00 pm at Xenos Main Campus Auditorium (1390 Community Park Dr., 43229).

Consider inviting friends and family. Paul Alexander will be speaking, and says the Dickens’ story is a wonderful way to share the gospel. "'A Christmas Carol' isn't merely a holiday favorite, but it also highlights the joy of forgiveness and redemption that God offers to us all. It’s a privilege to get to talk about God and this joy." Paul says it will be very fitting for guests, so please invite people to this family event.

In addition to the message Paul will share, there’ll be musical performances, including full choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus, and a couple of sing-a-longs. And of course the program will include a yearly favorite—a children’s choir sharing a few songs. Guests will also enjoy free coffee and homemade Christmas treats.

Would you like to sing the Hallelujah Chorus?  Rehearsals will be December 8th and 15th, 1:00-2:00 pm at the Xenos Main Campus Auditorium. You will need to commit to singing both programs on Christmas Eve at 3:00 and 5:00 pm. Contact Tom Maxwell at for more information.

Organizers need many volunteers to make this a success, including snack bar workers, greeters, parking lot workers, and cookie bakers. If you’re available, please contact Kim Geiser at


Xenos Workers Celebrate Successful Barn-Raising

It hasn’t been the typical barn-raising—a skilled crew putting up a barn in a matter of days. But a group of folks from Xenos is celebrating the completion of a months-long labor of Christ’s love for the family of a deployed soldier.

A crew of workers from Xenos—some skilled in construction and some not—has been putting up a barn in Stoutsville, about an hour south of Columbus. A man there had purchased materials for the barn but was then deployed. Without their efforts, the materials likely would have gone to waste. Today a 30’ x 32’ pole barn stands, thanks to the crew’s work over several months.

Doug Patch says he first heard about the need from a man named Jason. Xenos members have been serving Jason and his family since May, mowing his lawn and taking care of other needs at his house. While in Kuwait Jason emailed Doug about Jake, the deployed soldier who had the unfinished barn materials. Jason asked Doug if there was anything folks in Xenos could do to help Jake and his family, knowing it was a huge project and big “ask.”

Doug talked with a few people from Xenos, including Phil Yensel and Steve McNabb, who had construction experience, and together they went to Stoutsville to scope out the situation. There they spoke with Jake’s father-in-law (who had started the project) about the feasibility of the job, and Doug and Phil started to recruit volunteers.

In late July volunteers started working on the barn. Early each Saturday morning since then 5 to 10 people from Xenos have been making the trip from Columbus to Stoutsville, working on constructing the barn. Doug says it has been a massive job, digging and setting support poles, lifting pre-built roof trusses, fastening those trusses, and many other physically demanding tasks. Former contractor Dave Merker also joined Phil and Steve in contributing his expertise to keep the project moving.

Despite the time invested and the hard work, Doug says it has been wonderful to be a part of, getting to serve a family whose husband and father is serving us by his military commitments. “Among the volunteers there is an appreciation for the sacrifice that military personnel make on our behalf. Whether stationed abroad or deployed or here at home, I think most people appreciate the sacrifice--and the sacrifice for the spouse and family when the husband or wife is deployed.”

Doug says their works are done in the name of “adorning the Gospel” (Titus 2:10), drawing people’s attention to Christ’s love, which is a message they have communicated to Jake’s family.

Please Pray for Xenos Partners in Haiti

By Dave Glover, Xenos Mission Division Coordinator

Over the last few months, turmoil in Haiti has been escalating, and they are now in a real crisis. Roads are blocked by fires and armed criminals, and hospitals are shutting down, people are afraid to leave their homes, they are hungry and losing hope.

The church in Haiti is not exempt from this extreme suffering either. Many people are unable to travel to work or get proper nutrition. They have had a tough time being able to meet for home church since many people cannot go out after 5 pm.

Our partners at Beraka church wrote to us, saying, “In this difficult moment that we are living in Haiti today, I must put great emphasis on perseverance in prayer in our church and reinforcement for the house churches… The house churches are not operating well, and there is much discouragement, traumatization, and hunger that is keeping people from persevering. We need consolation and encouragement."

At the end of their correspondence to us, they affirmed that “God has not abandoned us. The Haitian church is strong, and the Lord is still at work, but they desperately need support and comfort. Please pray for them! Pray for peace in the country, for the home churches to meet, for the electricity to come back to the church so they can have their evening meetings.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for our brothers and sisters.

Support Group for Those Living with Mental Illness

Twice a month Xenos offers FAITH, a Bible-oriented support group for people with mental illness. Together they offer hope, community, and progress.

During the meetings there's a Bible study and discussion with topics related to mental illness, as well as prayer, sharing and fellowship.

FAITH Ministry leaders say people are not defined by their mental illness, and that there is no shame in having a mental illness. Life can be more challenging but with God's help, they can learn from these challenges and lead godly and productive lives.

People with FAITH also say it's not a therapy group or intended to replace professional counselling. But if you have a mental illness and it is interfering with your everyday life or your relationship with God, FAITH can offer some extra support and encouragement.

If you'd like to be a part, FAITH meets the first and third Sunday of the month at 2:00 pm at the Warehouse location (600 Oakland Park Dr., 43214), room E. For more information you can email or call Andy Cafaro at 614-262-4525 (landline no text messages).

New Class Addresses Issue of Male Passivity

Xenos is offering a new class starting this month addressing a difficult cultural trend. “Leading Passive Men” will look at the root causes of passivity--what is keeping men from taking the initiative to love.

Doug O’Malley is teaching the 4 week class. “I hope that people come away from the class with a clearer perspective on why certain things cause men to be passive,” Doug says. “Also, I want people to leave with some helpful tips for motivating men who are stuck in either their discipleship ministry, home church leadership, or personal relationships.”

Doug says the class will examine the issue both theologically and sociologically. And he says they’ll look at some mentalities to address and some practical ideas for helping men. “There will be advice that's tailored towards specific ages—like the way you'd motivate an 18-year-old boy to build a discipleship ministry is different than the way you'd motivate a 40-year-old to love his wife.”

College Central Teachings Start Series on Mental Health

Next week all four Xenos college Central Teachings will be starting a short series on the subject of happiness and mental health.

Xenos elder and college CT teacher James Rochford says God's perspective on these issues is an extremely relevant and critical topic for young people these days. "We felt led to pick this study because depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide are at an all-time high on college campuses today, making it somewhat of an epidemic for young people."

James says the teachings will be helpful to both Christians and non-Christians.  "Since all people want to be happy and find emotional health, we really hope this series will speak to all those who come out to listen--especially those who are hurting on campus today."

The series will last 3 weeks. The audio will be available on the Xenos website in the coming weeks.

High-Schoolers Sample What's Next at College Connection

The transition from high school to college is a time many Christian students abandon their involvement in Christian fellowship. That fact is one of the main motivators of College Connection, an annual event to give high school juniors and seniors a taste of the Xenos college ministry. This year the event runs the week of November 4th, and allows high-schoolers to attend college meetings, spend time in a ministry house, and make new friends within college home churches.

According to researchers at the Barna Group most high schoolers involved in a church—around 70%—drop out of their church involvement when they transition to college. College Connection gives them a vision for following God during their college years and beyond, and motivates them to choose that path. Historically, it’s helped persuade hundreds of high school students to pursue their walk with God in college.

The impact of the week goes beyond students who are currently involved in a high school home church. Xenos College-High School Administrator Brian Adams says, as a high-schooler, the College Connection meeting was one of his first experiences with Xenos. He says he was hostile toward the church but found people were sincerely committed to God’s work, and developing deep, loving relationships. Brian says, “I was sold from going to College Connection that I wanted to continue coming to Bible studies, which lead to me coming to Christ and choosing to follow God. I’m really thankful our church practices this. That first meeting was a huge part of my salvation and my decision to follow God.”

Brian says students in the college ministry often enjoy more depth in their relationships than in the high school ministry since, especially for those in the ministry house, they are able to spend more time together, beyond the twice-weekly schedule of the high school meetings. College Connection gives them a chance to see these deeper relationships in action, motivating the high schoolers toward including God in their plans for their future.

During the week juniors and seniors can attend a college Central Teaching and home church, and are encouraged to spend the weekend staying at a ministry house. They can take part in the Friday night cell groups and then enjoy hang out time with the college home church their high school group feeds into. The college groups come up with fun activities to engage the students—camping, scavenger hunts, dance parties—which gives them a chance to make friends and feel more at home. The time and opportunity is there for great conversations.