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Your Opportunity to Support Xenos' Founding Elders

By Steve Bauer, Xenos Operations & Administrations Coordinator

As has been previously shared, the founders of Xenos, Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt, are approaching a time when they will back away from the work-load they have maintained for decades in leading our church, to take on other roles and personal burdens in their future years.

They have always said that “retirement” isn’t a Biblical concept they will pursue as the world does. Their change of role now is really a redeployment, rather than retirement. But the Xenos Board-of-Trustees (elders) believe that freeing Gary and Dennis to work in other roles at this point is in their best interests and in the better interest of Xenos.

When Xenos first began, these men led the church while working as painters to provide for their young families. It took decades for Xenos to start to fund living wages and then long-term savings programs which are now in place but which Dennis and Gary missed out on in their earlier work years. To facilitate the job changes we knew were coming for our founders, the elders authorized adjustments to our long-term savings plan for these leaders.

At the same time, the elders also felt we would provide a one-time opportunity to the church to join into a solution to meet our founders’ long-term needs. This would be a gift of appreciation to Gary and Dennis. Many other churches provide a substantial gift at such a time for their key pastors, to help transition toward retirement. Our target is to provide $50,000 to each of our founders. This ‘thank you’ to Dennis and Gary for their service to all of us will help provide them with practical assistance in the coming years.