New Video Interview with Our Cambodian Partner

Since 2009, Xenos has partnered with World Relief Cambodia to reach the remote province of Pursat. Pursat is a heavily mined, poverty-stricken, and nearly church-less area of the country.  Located near the Thai border and home to many former Khmer Rouge soldiers, Pursat still lacks basic infrastructure such as good roads, electricity and a functioning educational system.

Xenos is the only North American Church partnering with World Relief to bring the love of Christ through word and deed to the people of Pursat. Through your generous support, we have raised $130,000 since 2009. We hope to raise another $50,000 in 2013 as well.

The provincial leader, Maren Yen says, “We have come here to preach the gospel to the people. The area has had many battles, and lots of sickness, so it is hurting. They need God." The World Relief staff provides instruction regarding employment, family care, and nutrition, with the goal to improve people’s economic and social situations. They also teach about human trafficking, which is a particular threat because of the proximity to Thailand.
Originally, the local authorities rejected World Relief because they are Christians. They falsely accused staff members of various offenses, trying to keep people from attending the programs. Recently, the authorities have begun to allow, and even support the programs. There were no Christian organizations in this area before World Relief established a base. Now there are many cell churches, and informed communities because of God's work through World Relief programs.

What an incredible privilege for us to be in partnership with our brothers and sisters in Christ! Please take a few minutes to watch a video from the Director of Programs, Bunnath Nop.