High School Christmas Party Success

On Tuesday Dec 8th, South CT High school group hosted a fun Christmas party with the intent of seeing new people coming to hear the gospel. What a success! At South CT they saw over 400 people come out. The teaching that night, given by Meri Benadum, was on Luke 8:16-18, 22-26. “I focused on the authority Jesus has over nature and then how we can respond appropriately by being a light in a dark world,” said Meri.

Many students were impacted by the topic. One student had this to say about it, “I saw through the teaching that we shouldn't judge whether or not people would come to know God based on how they look and I realized I was doing just that to this one kid in my class.”

After the teaching 45 “mystery” pizzas were brought out, each labeled with its own uniquely picked name. 

North CT, who held their Christmas party on December 15th, had almost 300 people out. Nick Hetrick taught on the Parable of the Soils from Luke 8. They had their own holiday eating challenge for the students and collectively they ate almost 4,000 little Debbie Christmas cakes.