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Life Coaches Helping Set Young People up for Success

By Liz Sweet

Are you competent with life skills? Do you want to make a difference in the life of a young person? Do you want your practical knowledge to have an eternal impact? If so, Life Coaching may be for you.

Life Coaching needs responsible, dedicated people who are willing to help others who need guidance in the functional aspects of life.

Xenos is reaching an increasing number of people with difficult backgrounds. Many people coming out of low-income backgrounds have not had the support that they need to tackle some of the practical skills in life. With a little help and encouragement, students can live in a ministry house, land a good job, and go to college. But without help, simple things, such as not being able to get a driver’s license, impede their progress toward these goals. Life coaches provide practical guidance that is crucial to helping students take the next step toward becoming independent, self-sufficient adults.

Student candidates are pursuing a life centered on Christ: spiritually responsive, engaged in fellowship and discipleship, and living in a ministry house or aspiring to live in one. They are in their sophomore year of high school or older; students under 18 need parental permission to have a life coach.

Making Hospitality a Part of Your Parenting

The next Xenos Parenting Meeting is October 3rd, with Liz Sweet talking about hospitality--welcoming others into your home. She says it's one of the most important things we can do at every stage of parenting. She'll explain why, and will give you lots of ideas for how to make it happen.

The meeting is at the Main Campus in Room 202/204 (1390 Community Park, 43229) at 9:30 am.  Limited childcare is available. Guests are welcome too! 

Ecuador Missions Trip Offers Physical & Spiritual Healing to Nearly 2000

A team of people from Xenos is back from a medical missions trip to Ecuador, where, in conjunction with our global partner, Arco Church in Santa Rosa, they served nearly 2 thousand people--offering medical, dental, and vision care. Every person who visited the clinics also heard the gospel from one of the local home church members. As a result, 709 people prayed to receive Christ during the 4 days of the medical clinics.

While there, Xenos Missions Director Dave Glover says he, Jim Leffel, and Canco Cassasa from Xenos met with local home church leaders, hearing several stories of people who had come to Christ through a similar clinic 2 years ago, and who are now incorporated into these home churches.

Andrea Hesse served as a medical interpreter on the trip, and shares her experience:

I stared out the window at the lush, green countryside of southern Ecuador as our bus of 25 Xenos volunteers wound its way through endless rows of banana plantations. Our team had spent several months preparing for our trip to Santa Rosa, Ecuador where we would put on a week-long medical, dental, and optometry clinic. We had packed dozens of bags filled with medications and clinic supplies, practiced our Spanish, and spent time praying for our trip. Even with all this preparation I still felt a little unsure of what to expect as we traveled past fields of ripening fruit on our ride from the larger city of Guayaquil to Santa Rosa.

Pub Night with the Drowsy Lads on September 22nd

Enjoy a pub night at Xenos this month with the Drowsy Lads.  Share the warmth of fellowship with a friend or family member by inviting them to this event at Main Campus (1390 Community Park, 43229) September 22nd.

There's a modest cover charge--$5--and proceeds go to help Xenos' ministry to the Bhutanese. You're welcome to bring an adult beverage and snacks to enjoy.

Pub Night runs from 8:00 to 11:00 pm.

Harambee Christian School Sees Highest Enrollment Ever, Needs Volunteers

The school year for Harambee Christian School is well underway, with 150 students enrolled in grades K-8, its largest enrollment ever

The school, which is a Xenos ministry, invites you to be a part of this year's success. It needs volunteers in many different roles. You can serve in the classroom, behind the scenes, or working directly with students. Volunteers are needed during the school day and in the After School Program, which runs Monday-Friday from 3:30-5:30 pm.  Most volunteers serve once or twice a week for between 1-3 hours.

It's a great opportunity for those who want to serve young people and for those looking to gain experience in the education field.

To learn more about Harambee, view this videoIf you'd like to learn more about the school and about volunteering email Michael Larson at

Many Enjoying New CT Enhancements

You've probably noticed the changes at Xenos' Central Teachings--more events, supervised children's activities, and waffles!

Over the summer months CTs have hosted farmers’ markets, meat smoker events, touch-a-truck, and a family day. There are games set up, and improved play areas. There are new food options as well.

Aside from being fun, there’s a deeper purpose. Phil Franck oversees these enhancements and says they’re ultimately aimed at making time after Central Teaching more relational. The changes encourage people to spend time afterward with their friends, since they have food and activity options. This is especially true for folks with children. Parents can enjoy time talking with other adults while their kids play in a supervised setting.

Your Opportunity to Support Xenos' Founding Elders

By Steve Bauer, Xenos Operations & Administrations Coordinator

As has been previously shared, the founders of Xenos, Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt, are approaching a time when they will back away from the work-load they have maintained for decades in leading our church, to take on other roles and personal burdens in their future years.

They have always said that “retirement” isn’t a Biblical concept they will pursue as the world does. Their change of role now is really a redeployment, rather than retirement. But the Xenos Board-of-Trustees (elders) believe that freeing Gary and Dennis to work in other roles at this point is in their best interests and in the better interest of Xenos.

When Xenos first began, these men led the church while working as painters to provide for their young families. It took decades for Xenos to start to fund living wages and then long-term savings programs which are now in place but which Dennis and Gary missed out on in their earlier work years. To facilitate the job changes we knew were coming for our founders, the elders authorized adjustments to our long-term savings plan for these leaders.

At the same time, the elders also felt we would provide a one-time opportunity to the church to join into a solution to meet our founders’ long-term needs. This would be a gift of appreciation to Gary and Dennis. Many other churches provide a substantial gift at such a time for their key pastors, to help transition toward retirement. Our target is to provide $50,000 to each of our founders. This ‘thank you’ to Dennis and Gary for their service to all of us will help provide them with practical assistance in the coming years.

Xenos Elders Announce Further Transition Plans

Xenos Senior Elder Dennis McCallum has announced his plans to step down from some of his roles at the end of 2018, entering partial retirement. This follows a similar announcement by fellow Senior Elder Gary DeLashmutt. After much discussion and prayer, the elders have announced that Ryan Lowery and Conrad Hilario will be put before the Servant Team for confirmation as Senior Elders in Dennis and Gary's place. Another longtime Xenos elder, Jim Leffel, has retired from his role to focus on his work with Xenos' international partnerships and Central Teachings. 

Here is a full report on the changes from Dennis and Gary:

For the past several years, Xenos elders have been working on the project of redeployment and retirement for our older leaders and transition to younger leadership. Clearly, every leader is on his or her way out at all times. The question is, when and how is best? This is an inevitable change that we, as a church, must face.

For years now, we have been at work training and coaching younger leaders who could shoulder the task of upper level leadership. They’re not that young – mostly close to or over 40 years old. Thank God, we have a strong group of elders who are fully qualified and equipped to take on this task. We feel highly confident that the elders we have in place are ready for this mission. Also, more elders are being developed who can join them in the future.

The Light in the Darkness of Cambodia

A group of 40 people from Xenos are back from a short-term missions trip to Cambodia. Shane Coulter was on the trip and shares his experience:

In his book, Cambodia's Curse, Joel Brinkley aptly sums up the experience of visiting Cambodia: "Be careful because Cambodia is the most dangerous place you will ever visit. You will fall in love with it, and eventually it will break your heart." The countryside is gorgeous, and yet ravaged by poverty. The culture is rich in tradition, and yet sex trafficking and domestic violence are viewed as commonplace. The Khmer people built marvels like Angkor Wat, and yet they were also victims and perpetrators of one of the most tragic genocides in history.

Our short term team became enmeshed in this culture of contradictions during our 15 day trip to Cambodia. We began by visiting the beautiful temples in Siem Reap, and spending a few days enjoying the wonderful sights and the delicious food. However, after visiting the killing fields where Pol Pot murdered millions, many of us were left asking, "Where was God during these people's suffering?" The next day we began our work week and we all found the answer to that question. God never abandoned the people of Cambodia!