Xenos Elder and Author Publishes Book on Hebrews

by John Ross

The book of Hebrews has been misinterpreted by young Christians, twisted by scholars and touted by legalists. But, when properly understood, it provides key links between the Old and New testaments and rich insight on God’s grace.

That was the thinking that fueled Liberation: Follow the Book of Hebrews into a Life of Radical Grace, the latest work by Xenos lead pastor Dennis McCallum, who tackles the letter in a new book available now in print and on Kindle.

“No book unleashes raw grace more than Hebrews,” says McCallum, whose other books include Satan and His Kingdom, Organic Discipleship and Members of One Another. “How ironic that it's often viewed as a storehouse of proof texts for legalism and threats about losing your salvation.”

In similar fashion to Walking in Victory, McCallum’s step-by-step treatment of Romans 5-8, Liberation guides readers through Hebrews with clear exposition, engaging illustrations and relevant application. He tackles key differences between law and grace, how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament ritual system, how to understand Israel’s history and the importance of Christian community. Its union of accessibility and depth make it a perfect tool for cell groups, discipleship or personal study.

“I really believe Hebrews is one of the least well-understood books in the New Testament,” McCallum explains. “When you try to think of a good book on Hebrews, what comes to mind? I draw a blank. I've seen more mistaken and just plain wrong interpretations from Hebrews than any other book.”