Sign Up Now for an XSI Volunteer Role

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The Xenos Summer Institute is 3 months away and the call is going out for volunteers—over 350 are needed to make the conference a success. In addition to being a part of something eternally significant, volunteers get free conference registration.

The conference draws over 3,500 people each year, and with only 4 paid staff members, XSI Director Kim Van Keuls says volunteers are an essential part of the operation. She says they not only take care of needed tasks, but also serve as a friendly host to the thousands of people attending. “This conference would not be possible if it wasn't for the volunteers! I receive feedback about how helpful our folks are and the sense of community that people experience here.”

Kim says volunteering is very flexible, with many different opportunities, and the chance to work as many or as few hours as they like. She says one of the benefits is enjoying the excitement of what God is doing through XSI. “When you volunteer you get to see the big picture of what God is doing and how He uses this event. Volunteers typically get to hear people's stories about what they are learning and experiencing.”

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There is a wide variety of volunteer roles available including working in the bookstore, registration, and the snack bar. Volunteers are also needed for the parking and Emergency Response teams.  And you can also serve in advance of the conference, doing necessary office and set-up work.

Joel Knapke coordinates volunteers who assist with the dozens of breakout sessions offered during the conference. As a volunteer himself in that role he says he’s really enjoyed the experience of supporting the breakout session teachers. He says the volunteer assistants not only ensure the workshops run smoothly, but also help with the initial steps to getting the breakout material on the Xenos website, where the material reaches many more people around the world.

Joel encourages you to consider becoming a breakout session volunteer: “It’s an important role that requires more careful attention than some of the other volunteer positions, but it is very rewarding and it offers the chance of not missing a breakout session while you volunteer. So worth it!”

Kim says that’s been the experience of other XSI volunteers over the years. “We have volunteers who have been signing up to do the same job at XSI for over a decade. They are very faithful servants!  I think most of them really enjoy using their gifting for God, interacting with guests, and of course, they get to attend XSI for free!”

You can see a list of specific volunteer roles and sign up at Volunteers should be home church members.