Hundreds of High Schoolers Enjoy a Great Week at Epic

It’s been another successful year for Epic, Xenos’ annual high school summer camp. Over 750 students enjoyed activities and in-depth Bible study, while building friendships.

Camp director Brian Adams says it was a great camp, thanks to the prayers of many people. He says 22 teens received Christ and started a new relationship with God. Many more teens decided to commit their lives to following God, including many who Brian says were on the fence or moving away from God.

This was high school senior Trevor Rich’s fourth time at Epic. He says one of the most helpful things about the camp is that there are fewer things to take you away from spiritual matters. He says, “Having no distractions was amazing—no phones, no wifi, no responsibilities or other daily tasks to worry about. The only thing to put your mind on is getting to know people and God.”

Many of the students started their day in personal devotional time in the Bible and then enjoyed camp activities like swimming and a zipline. In the evenings Xenos elders and other teachers offered an in-depth teaching. This year’s theme was faith, with a focus on the “heroes of faith” found in Hebrews 11, including Joseph, Moses, Daniel and David.

The students stay in cabins with other members of their home church. The week affords them concentrated time together, moving their friendships forward, particularly within their home churches. It’s especially helpful for freshmen getting integrated into their new home church.

Trevor says Epic helped him grow by spending so much time with others. “It helped me realize how much I think about myself. I know the goal is to think less about myself so it helped me move toward that goal.”

And he says the camp helped people in his home church become less worried about making a good impression on others, making their friendships more comfortable and authentic. “I noticed in our cell group after Epic that there weren’t any cliques and people were more real.”

Trevor’s brother Nigel is a sophomore and says the camp makes it much easier to do the things he wants to do as a Christian. “We were all together so it was easy to ask someone to read and pray with me. We had the time to talk, without having to work out a plan to meet like we do when we’re not at camp.”

If you have a teen son or daughter, put June 25-July 1, 2017 on your calendar. Those are the dates for next year’s Epic!