Haiti Emergency Relief Update

by Jim Leffel

Friday, October 7th, we responded to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti through an initiative to provide 270,000 meals and safe water to our homeless and hungry Haitian brothers and sisters. This aid was intended to provide immediate relief to thousands in the Les Cayes area so devastated by the hurricane. The cost was $22,000 to mobilize a respected, accountable, indigenously staffed NGO to distribute this food.  

Amazingly, weekend donations were over $50,000! Thank you all so much for your prayer and sacrifice. Hungry people are eating because of your generosity.  

The money not spent will be held until our partners on the ground in southern Haiti can provide us with updated needs and how they can best be met. As we get more clarity on this, I will update you on how the balance of the donations are being spent and the effect it is having in Haiti.

Please pray for Haiti:

  • Cholera is now being reported, due to compromised drinking water. The last cholera outbreak, following the 2010 hurricane, left 10,000 dead. Pray that needed clean drinking water gets to villages along the southern coast and that medical teams sent last week by the U.S military would be able to intervene to prevent a cholera epidemic.
  • Pray for the safety and witness of our church planting partners in the Jacmel area.  Communication has been down since the hurricane, but we are receiving some reports. The news is a relief! No one was killed and the damage to houses in the Jacmel area, while significant, was not catastrophic as it was further west in Les Cayes. Pray that the Lord would mobilize the the nearly 30 home churches to help their neighbors in the name of Christ.  
  • Pray for an accurate assessment and actionable plan to address the growing problem of food and water insecurity in Haiti. Even before the hurricane it was evident that living standards, already the worst in the western hemisphere, were declining.  

Thank you all so much for your generous help and prayer.