Around 80 Percent of Cambodians don’t have Access to Medical Care

Adequate health care is still widely inaccessible to most rural Cambodians.  There are many transportation barriers to accessing quality healthcare.  Many people earn only a $7 weekly wage, and high costs of transportation make trips to a medical facility difficult.  It is not uncommon for a family to sell a cow, or even their home in order to get medical care.  

Mercy Medical Center (MMC) is a non-profit Christian medical center that provides excellent healthcare and medical training to the people in Cambodia while proclaiming the love of Christ to them.  Missionaries from several organizations felt that compassion ministry, as demonstrated by Jesus, is inseparable from the Gospel message of salvation.  Dr. Kendrick Kahler was the first Medical Director of MMC and later, Dr.Tim Benadum, missionary from Xenos Christian Fellowship, stepped into the role.  In 2000, MMC was established as a multi-organizational, multi-national, multi-denominational, multi- specialty center with a passion for providing quality, compassionate care and training others to do the same.  The mission of Mercy Medical Center is fourfold: Proclaim, Provide, Prepare and Partner.


PROCLAIM Christ in Word and Deed
The animistic worldview teaches that one’s circumstances, like poverty and illness, are the result of bad things they have done, possibly in a previous life. The Christian worldview teaches that our sins have been paid for and that we can and should seek to improve our circumstances. We are passionate about demonstrating Christ’s mercy through the care we give and the words we share. We share the opportunity for Cambodians to know the hope, justice, and fullness of life in Christ.

PROVIDE Excellent Healthcare for the Poor
Poor Cambodians are turned away from public and private hospitals because they cannot pay. At MMC, we are committed to high quality, evidence-based, cost-effective care, which meets or exceeds the World Health Organization and Cambodian Ministry of Health’s standards of care.

PREPARE National Healthcare Workers and Mentor Staff
We are intentional about building capacity for sustainable change by mentoring and training Cambodian doctors, nurses, and allied professionals as well as village healthcare workers. Since 2000, we have trained hundreds of medical and nursing students. We also provide opportunities for spiritual growth and general capacity building initiatives such as Bible study, English classes and computer training. Teaching preventive and community health to patients is also a priority.

PARTNER with Like-Minded Workers and the Cambodian Church
MMC represents six different Christian mission organizations worldwide. We also work closely with the Cambodian Church and over 30 like-minded Referring Partner organizations to share the love of Christ, incorporate new believers into the Body of Christ, and provide medical care to the poor.
As patients return to the villages, many plant churches. The Khmer lead Spiritual Impact Team provides weekly training for these new leaders. In addition, the Referring Partners follow-up their referrals to ensure they are incorporated in a local Body of Christ.

The following stories are personal testimonies of how God is  working through MMC to bring spiritual and physical healing to individuals and communities.

A Paralyzed Patient
Heang was paralyzed in a moto accident a year ago. After seeking help from multiple doctors, with no help, he told his family he wanted to die. Heang’s mother heard about a house church in their village, which is 4 kilometers from MMC. She went to ask the pastor for help, and he contacted MMC. The MMC Spiritual Impact Team visited his home many times, sharing more about Jesus and the gospel each time. Heang and his entire family prayed to receive Christ, and now they are part of the Koh Krabey village house church. Heang has a new reason to live. The Pastor is elated and very grateful for MMC coming alongside him in ministry!

A Cancer Patient
Chaley is 21 years old. By the time he came to MMC, his family had already sold all of their property seeking help from “Evil Spirit” healers and hospitals. He arrived at MMC unable to walk and in constant pain. He stayed in our inpatient ward for a while, and during this time, the MMC staff was able share the good news many times. He was also diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Through a special grant, MMC is the only hospital in Cambodia that has the life saving medication needed for this specific disease. But Chaley received much more than medicine for life on earth, he received eternal life when he accepted Christ!
The staff celebrated and prayed with him. He wants to share his faith with many people, so our team is going to his province and discipling him and another local believer. Samrach, MMC’s outreach leader, shares this, “Many people in his community think Chaley would die already, but it is not so. God has a plan for him. Praise the LORD!”

A New Home Church Leader
Srey Toch is a former MMC patient and a leader in one of the MMC house church plants in Prek Tamak. The MMC spiritual impact team does house church leaders training in her village every Thursday. Srey Toch eventually quit trying to lead in her house church, due to many problems associated with her poverty and family issues. Her co-leader, Savoen, stepped in to lead. Soon after, Savoen’s daughter said she would kill herself if her mother led the church, so her husband forbid it. The situation seemed hopeless, so everyone committed to pray. Eventually, Savoen’s daughter and husband changed their minds, because they saw that she was setting such a good example in the community, people looked to her as a leader! The Spiritual Impact team says this about Savoen, “Please keep praying for her. She needs to understand more how to teach the bible.”

A MMC Volunteer
Srey Oun is a volunteer in the MMC ministry. At 65, she struggles with her own medical problems, including diabetes and chronic back pain. However, she is passionate about sharing Christ and teaching the Bible. Every week she travels to a village at Bridge 14, spends the night on a hard floor, and teaches the leaders. One of her disciples, SaEim, is very smart and is eager to learn and to share the gospel. One way that MMC promotes the gospel is in taking good care of Christ’s workers, like Srey Oun. Samrach, MMC’s team leader says, “We hope God will open the way at other bridges, so there will be a house church in each village. Praise the Lord.”