Find Healing Through VICTORY Ministry

The Xenos VICTORY Ministry is a ten-week workshop that seeks to aid women who have experienced sexual assault come to a better understanding of the effects that this trauma has had on their lives and bring healing to these areas. While Xenos GRACE ministry is designed for women who have been sexually abused as children, VICTORY serves a similar purpose for women who have experienced sexual assault.

VICTORY was created when a counselor at Xenos recognized the present need for a sexual assault ministry that would complement GRACE, by assisting women who need a different kind of healing than GRACE offers. VICTORY coordinator Barb Hulett has seen a desire and joy from women in the groups. They look forward to experiencing the vital steps of healing that takes place at each session.

One member shared how God provided her with hope and promise through VICTORY, "There were aspects of my rape that I didn't realize I had not dealt with. The group helped me to bring them to light so I could gain victory over them. Putting the incident in a Biblical perspective helped a lot. I saw the effects bitterness was having in my life. I realized my view of God was not accurate and grew in the knowledge of His love for me."

Meetings are held as the need presents itself and when qualified leaders are available. Small group size is typically 3-4 women.

If you or someone you know is in need of support and healing that the VICTORY ministry provides please contact Barb Hulett at or phone 614-582-6200. There is also a voice mailbox available at 823-6510 ext. 1727