Akili Wraps up Successful First School Year

Akili classroom

Last Friday was the last day of school for students at Akili Christian High School--marking the end of the school's first year. Akili Principal Ariana Adkins says, as she looks back over the last year, she sees the many ways God has been faithful to the school and its students.

One of the main highlights is God providing a permanent location. After months of searching, the school located an ideal space--a building on Franklin University’s campus. It will move next Tuesday, June 1st, and is looking for volunteers to help. Contact Abbey Bott if you can join in: bott.abbey@gmail.com.

Ariana says the successful year represents so many answered prayers, particularly in the midst of COVID: the school year started on time, classes met in-person (except for one COVID closure), and all the support programs launched, including Life Coaching.

Ariana lists other answered prayers:

  • Students' academic and spiritual growth this year
  • Phenomenal teachers who went above and beyond to serve students
  • Countless volunteers who helped with administrative tasks, Life Coaching, transportation, and even more
  • Financial provision through timely donations
  • 35 students enrolled for next year!

Akili plans an in-person prayer meeting Saturday, June 26th in the basement of Dwell's 4th Street location. In the meantime, here are some things to pray for:

  • A restful summer for teachers that will recharge them for next year.
  • The upcoming move June 1st. Pray for logistics and for additional equipment needed for the space. Also pray for the Ohio Department of Education’s inspection of the new space.
  • All Akili students to attend Epic this summer, especially those who haven't started a personal relationship with God. Continued good attendance at high school meetings, and for Akili students to form new mentoring relationships with high school Bible study leaders this summer.
  • The success and prompt start of summer programs: Akili Summer Tutoring Program and Dwell Facilities Internship. 
  • Good planning for next year: The school expands to 2 grades, more than doubling the student population. Guidance on practical needs: transportation, lunches, and scheduling.
  • Protection against Satan's schemes over the summer, specifically for students to not fall into temptation and for functional details to fall into place for next year.

The staff and students of Akili thank you for your prayer and financial support!