Thanks for Your Donation to Bhutanese Refugees in 2016

June 2, 2017

Dear Friend of Refugees,

Thank you so very much for your donation to the 2016 Xenos HADF for Bhutanese Refugees! Your partnership in prayer and financial support is super appreciated. We welcome you to get involved to any extent God may lead you. Contact us for more information on increasing your partnership.

I want to report to you on the wonderful doors that have been opened over the last year by your gift to the HADF. Here are just a few of the important things that we have been able to do.  We are so grateful for the power and leading of God in these ministries.

  • Youth retreats & camps - In recent years we were urging Nepali kids (i.e Bhutanese Refugee youth) to get involved in homogenous youth groups. We have used HADF funds to supply these groups with needed resources especially for retreats and camps. Many kids from Hindu and Buddhist backgrounds are coming to Christ and enjoying fellowship.
  • Persecuted & isolated believer assistance - This year HADF money was used to assist Tika.  She is a mother of four daughters who has made a strong decision for Jesus and baptism.  Her husband and whole family have been strongly opposed and eventually she was put out of the house with her two youngest daughters. These three lived in a one bedroom apartment on one income because she would not return to Hinduism.  Her new lease is in a two bedroom apartment and closer to daycare.  Your dollars helped Tika (and Radha age 5, Archana age 2) with moving expenses. 
  • New Apartment Set Up for New Arrivals - As with previous years, your donations have helped with the costs of apartment set up for Nepali heritage Bhutanese Refugees newly arriving in America from the refugee camps of Nepal. Refugees arriving now have lived stateless in camps for over 20 years. They are so glad to have their own apartment. It has been a very successful migration and may be coming to an end soon.
  • Jesus DVDs - All of the apartments get Jesus DVDs in multi-language format.  We know for sure that most people watch the whole Gospel of Mark in Nepali.  The DVD has a great section at the beginning and end to explain the Gospel and other aspects of the biblical worldview.
  • Bibles - We often get requests for Nepali bibles and are able to provide these bibles thanks to your donations.
  • Apartment Fire - We were able to serve a family that was burned out of their apartment. This family sought assistance from their Hindu community association twice and got nothing. The HADF was able to give in Jesus' name. Your gift helped supply them with some furniture and a small cash gift as they lost almost everything and had to relocate. They also came to church a few times. 

Again, please keep us in your prayers and let us know if you want more involvement or more information.  Contact Danny & Cheryl Walker (  OR  Chip & Kim Geiser ( And thank you for supporting Xenos Humanitarian Aid and Development Fund for Bhutanese Refugees.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Danny Walker