2014 Harambee Student Support






April 24, 2015


Dear Partner,


Thank you for your investment in the students of Harambee Christian School through the Humanitarian Aid Fund of Xenos Christian Fellowship. I'm excited to share with you some of the fruit of your gift! 

Our 2015 Annual Report details how God is at work through Harambee to enable inner city youth to overcome challenges and thrive in the body of Christ. Highlights include:

  • Harambee students continue to improve themselves academically.
  • Youth Bible studies and discipleship are growing in both quantity and quality. 
  • Graduates are transitioning into high school home churches and becoming effective at sharing the love of Christ with their friends.

Your generous contribution helps to make all of this possible. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you as a champion of our youth. For even more information, visit:  https://urbanconcern.org/harambee/


With Deepest Gratitude,


Alex Steinman

Executive Director