2014 Bhutanese Refugee Assistance

Dear Donor,

Thank you for your 2014 donation to the Xenos Humanitarian Aid Fund and to the Bhutanese Refugees.  The Bhutanese Nepali community has grown! When Xenos first started serving the refugees there were just 30 in Columbus. Now, due primarily to secondary migration from other USA cities, the population is over 20,000.  As you can imagine, the needs are very diverse.

One of the primary uses of your donation was to enable young people to attend VBS, summer camps, and youth group retreats. We have modified our sponsorships to stimulate more parental and youth participation, enabling them to do as much as possible for themselves in getting money for camp. Many of the VBS graduates and returning campers have become workers in VBS - it has been wonderful to see them become knowledgeable in the Bible and lead others by their example.

In the six years of involvement with Bhutanese Refugees there have been three apartment fire emergencies. In 2014, two Bhutanese Nepali families narrowly escaped serious injury.  After a brief hospitalization they needed to replace all of their belongings. Your donations helped provide basic needs for their new apartments and gospel literature.  We have seen Christians leading the way with fire relief and with sharing the love and hope of Christ after each fire. One of the heads of household was baptized a few months after the fire.

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to provide the Jesus Film in Nepali to all of the families that are still arriving from the refugee camps in Nepal. The good work of welcoming refugees through the furnishing of apartments continues as well. We often encounter high levels of gratitude and interest in Jesus. We have even seen whole families come to faith.

Please keep us in your prayers as the final wave of refugees comes to USA. Thank God with us that Jesus has been glorified and many hundreds of Hindu, Buddhist, and Kirati people have decided to trust him alone. The new church is thriving.


Thanks again,

Danny Walker