Advocacy Teams

Xenos Advocacy Teams are small groups consisting of highly dedicated individuals who function as a crucial link between our Global Partners and Xenos Christian Fellowship. These teams are dedicated to the promotion of a specific Global Partner and provide logistical and spiritual support for the ministry and missionaries (if applicable). Advocacy Teams provide a channel by which our church can fulfill the biblical command to support ministries and missionaries spreading the gospel abroad (Acts 13:2-3; Acts 18:27; Romans 15:30; 3 John 6-8).

An Advocacy Team Coordinator will lead each team. Because Advocacy Teams are considered Accredited Xenos Ministry Teams, the coordinator must be a member of the Servant Team. With the facilitation of the missions division, the Advocacy Team informs and mobilizes the Advocacy Network and the church towards involvement in missions. An Advocacy Network is a group of people who are financial supporters of the ministry, are signed up to promotional platforms, and/or regularly attend fundraising, informational, and prayer events. To find out ways you can be more involved with our global partners, email our Advocacy Team Coordinators!

To sign up to a google group, you can send a blank e-mail to any of the addresses listed below. You will just have to add "+subscribe" to the address (e.g. The group owner will need to approve your subscription request before you can join. If you are having problems signing up to a google group, you can also email the team coordinator directly.

Global Partner Country Coordinator E-Mail Google Group
Fountain of Hope Cambodia Kristen Peltier
Friendship Ministries Cambodia Joe Schweitzer
Mercy Medical Center Cambodia Bob & Ellen Zimmerman
MPI Côte d'Ivoire ----- -----
Arco Church Ecuador Bruce & Karen Messenger
Bethel Church Ethiopia Jim & Susan Fulford
Beraka Church Haiti Terri DiPietro
India Gospel League India Mark & Diana Michalek
Eastern Europe ----- Kathy Hoffer

Southeast Asia

----- Margo Shaw