Leadership Team Unity

Practical ideas for cultivating Leadership Team Unity

Ephesians 4:3 …  being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.


Have regular meetings with a mission-focused agenda

                - Discus and establish clear goals/priorities for your group

                - Be proactive about the big picture vision, (as opposed to solely reacting to issues as they arise)

                - Promote an atmosphere where healthy, issues-oriented disagreement is the norm

                - Make sure to ask for input about your ideas, and listen

                - Don’t hide from taboo topics or “elephants in the room”

                - Ask for clarification instead of guessing what your coleader meant

                - Create a constructive-criticism-friendly environment at your meetings

                                Focus criticism to the most important issues

                - At the end of meetings, go around  and ensure everyone’s on the same page:

                                What did we decide today?

                                Any lingering concerns questions?

                                Does anyone feel misunderstood/ confused?

                - Leave plenty of time for discussion, prayer and fellowship


Prayerfully cultivate respect / appreciation for your coleaders’ diverse strengths and gifting

                - Think through their unique contribution to the team

                                What would the team be missing without them?

                                What can they do well that you can’t?

                - Ask for humility to learn from / hear correction from coleaders

                - Look for frequent opportunities to encourage your co-leaders

                - Express spoken/written gratitude for your coleaders to God, to others, and to them

                - Look for opportunities to speak well of each other

                -  Publicly recognize their contribution/accomplishments

                - Police your judgmental thoughts toward coleaders

                                Expect Satan to accuse them to you

                                Be diligent to forgive when necessary

                                Repent for unfair expectations

                                And if you lose the thought battle – ask for help!

                - Resist disparaging you co-leaders to group members – if someone comes to you with a                                                    complaint, don’t just jump on board – send them back to that leader

                - Work through the Missional Vs Pastoral workshee

Invest in your relationships with your coleaders

                ** Establish and commit to a regular one-on-one time with at least one other co-leader. 

                - Tend to one another’s spiritual health – find out how they’re doing

                - Pray for your co-leaders – commit to their success!

                - Pray WITH your co-leaders – few things are more unifying

                - Consider aligning your devotional – study or read the same things so you can share/discuss

                - Be honest with each other - share your fears/insecurities with your co-leaders

                - Rally around one another in the midst of failure or life crises

                - Resolve personal conflict.  Don’t hesitate to get help from your sphere leaders!

                                Be quick to apologize with clarity and humility

                                Be willing to hear about and learn from your unintended impact on others

                - Have FUN together! Set aside some meeting time for fellowship – Be friends!


Look for opportunities to team-up and cooperate on ministry endeavors

                - Ask for input/help with your ministry

                - Pray for your coleaders’ ministry

                - Seek out practical ways to lend support to their ministry