2019 FST Voting Results

On Saturday, January 12, Xenos had its annual Vision and Stewardship meeting where the Fiscal Support Team voted on strategic initiatives to be funded in 2019. Below are the 2019 Strategic Initiatives (SIs) that we hoped to see become part of our 2019 budgeted work. Our Annual General Fund Pledge Campaign was completed on Feb. 18 and what was covered is reflected below. We increased 2019 budget over 2018 by 7.7%, with a $8,478,000 budget goal. 

Initiative Explanation Pledge Status
Staff Merit Raise Pool Vote average = 1.4% Covered
Student Ministries Urban High School Start Up Covered
Pastoral Support Web Developer Hire Covered
Adult Ministries Warehouse & 4th St. Ministry Support Covered
Pastoral Support Marriage Mentoring Program Covered
Equipping Hours for Study Center Archive Mgmt Covered
Student Ministries Discipleship Café Expansion Covered
Operations Long-term Savings Program Enhance Covered
Pastoral Support Life Coaching Expansion Covered
Adult Ministries Additional Ministry Support Covered
Student Ministries Ministry Support for Students Not Covered
Adult Ministries Seniors Ministry Start-Up Not Covered