OSU Cleanup

Amanda Hoyt
OSU Area

Each year, residents south of Hudson Avenue, near Ohio State’s Campus, endure the largest trash buildup in the entire City of Columbus.  Xenos and the City of Columbus are partnering together to do a large Ohio State Campus Clean Up.

This will be a huge blessing to the residents around OSU. Xenos will be deployed on the first and most littered weekend of the campus move out season. 

ADULT Central Teachings (AM Only) will be canceled on July 28, 2019 in order to serve together as one body.  Oasis care will be provided for 3rd grade and under. For kids 4th grade or older, please consider making this a family service project by bringing them along for the clean up.    

Proposed Itinerary:

9:00 AM       Arrive           

9:10 AM       Briefing                    

9:20 AM       Get into teams/Review Maps/Get Clean Up Equipment                    

9:30 AM       Depart                                   

10:00 AM     Start Pick Up           

11:45 AM     End Pick Up/Return to Cars           

12:00 PM     Return to staging locations/Drop off equipment     

Your CT is your staging location.  You would arrive at your location, get into teams of 2 or more and drive together to your clean up location, maps and tools provided.  Once your area is done or the time runs out… you return to your staging location. Please work with your homechurch to volunteer as a team.

(614) 483-3168