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Double Reference in Biblical Prophecy This outline briefly defines the various double reference prophecy that we see in the Bible. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Ethical Problems in the Pentateuch Dennis and Gary briefly outline a variety of important historical facts that assist in understanding ethical issues in the Old Testament. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Legalism in Translation How the Bible is translated colors how we understand it. In this essay, Dennis examines how certain translations allow their legalistic bias to color the way in which they translate the text. Dennis McCallum
Old Testament Endtimes Prophecy Chart This chart lists the various passages that correspond to different endtimes prophecies from the Old Testament. Dennis McCallum
Old Testament Understand of the Names of God This essay looks at the different names for God in the Old Testament and the meaning behind them. Mary Barnum
Prosperity, Suffering, and Righteousness in the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament The issue of suffering and prosperity in life and their relationship to the righteousness of individuals is one that is both important and complex. What can I expect if I choose to diligently follow God's will in my life? Doug Rudy
The "Ban" Gary takes a look at the extermination of the 7 tribes of Canaan, which raises apparent moral problems. Gary DeLashmutt
The Anonymous Servant Dennis analyzes the characteristics and predictions in Isaiah known as the "anonymous servant" passages in reference to Jesus. Dennis McCallum
The Unity of Old Testament Theology A summary of nine themes that are common to both the Old and New Testaments is given. The themes begin in the Old Testament and are either completed or more fully explained in the revelation of the New. Steve Bauer, Dave Glover, John McKewen, and Todd Mullen