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An Approach to Christian Ethics Gary DeLashmutt presents basic terms involved in understanding Christian ethics, how one can begin interpreting these ethics as found in the Bible, and the applications of these ethics to our culture. Gary DeLashmutt
An Introduction to Alcoholism A counseling overview of understanding alcoholism and the steps to addressing it. Jim Leffel
Balance in Spiritual Experience: "Crisis" vs "Process" When Christians emphasize "crisis" as much as or more than "process," they tend to make some serious mistakes. We should be aware of these mistakes ourselves, and we should help those under our leadership steer clear of them. Gary DeLashmutt
Comparing Biblical and Modern Love This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Walking in Victory, contrasts modern and biblical love. Dennis McCallum
Ethical Systems Gary and Dennis outline three ethical systems that base themselves in Scripture. Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum
Geisler's Three Schools of Principlized Ethics Dennis provides an overview of three Biblical stances on prioritized ethics and the existence of true moral dilemmas. Dennis McCallum
Love Therapy: Definitions and Strategies In this paper, we will define ideal biblical love. Then we will study various commonly found deficiencies in relational patterns. Finally, we will examine some typical strategies for relational development for various types of people. Dennis McCallum
Men, Women and Gender Roles in Marriage An examination of biblical gender roles in marriage adapted from Gary and Dennis' book, "Spiritual Relationships That Last." Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Propositions on Christ, Culture, and Career Christians’ relations to the world, money, position, and career involve judgment calls and gray areas, which should be settled by biblical authority whenever possible, and by wise deliberation where scripture does not speak directly. Dennis McCallum and Scott Risley
Psychiatry for the Lay Counselor: When to Refer for Professional Help Jeff lays out information to aid in being able to identify the person who may be endangered due to his or her psychological condition or the person who may derive benefit from further evaluation by a professional. Jeff Gordon, M.D.
The Ethics of Divorce and Remarriage Dennis presents a biblical perspective on divorce and remarriage. Dennis McCallum
The Ethics of Marijuana Use With the increasing decriminalization of marijuana around the country and the world, it's important for Christians to know where they stand on the Biblical ethics of its use. James Rochford
Toward an Approach to Christian Ethics Dennis outlines how we can approach the topic of Christian ethics. Dennis McCallum
What about Medical Marijuana? As cannabis is increasingly being legalized for medical use, Leffel discusses whether and under what conditions its use would be appropriate. Jim Leffel