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Organic Discipleship - Appendix 9: Assessing Your Group
Organic Discipleship - Helping People Build Their Marriages
Organic Discipleship - Helping People Overcome Avarice
Organic Discipleship - Helping People Troubled by High-Expectation Relating
Organic Discipleship - Helping People With Parenting
Organic Discipleship - Helping Self-Absorbed People
Organic Discipleship Supplementary Material
Paul's Usage of ta stoicheia tou kosmou The purpose of this paper is to examine the meaning of the phrase ta stoicheia tou kosmou ("the elementary principles of the world") as it is used by Paul in Gal. 4:3,9 and Col. 2:8,20. Gary DeLashmutt
Phillip Jacob Spener's Contribution to Protestant Ecclesiology Spener was an ordained minister and professor in the Lutheran church when he founded the movement that came to be called Pietism. Spener encouraged the formation of house groups where serious Christians could pursue fellowship and in-depth discipleship. Dennis McCallum
Postmodern vs. Traditional Legal Theory This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Death of Truth, contrasts traditional legal theory and postmodern legal theory. Dennis McCallum
Postmodernism: The 'Spirit of the Age' Jim examines the current Postmodern attitude in our culture and its implications. Jim Leffel
Preparing Your Personal Testimony This essay is meant to help you think through, in your own mind, what God has done in your life and will prepare you to share your story simply and clearly with others. Gary DeLashmutt
Principles Involved in Harmonizing the Synoptic Gospels These 5 principles are the most common principles involved in harmonization, but some harmonization issues involve other, less common principles. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Propositions on Christ, Culture, and Career Christians’ relations to the world, money, position, and career involve judgment calls and gray areas, which should be settled by biblical authority whenever possible, and by wise deliberation where scripture does not speak directly. Dennis McCallum and Scott Risley
Prosperity, Suffering, and Righteousness in the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament The issue of suffering and prosperity in life and their relationship to the righteousness of individuals is one that is both important and complex. What can I expect if I choose to diligently follow God's will in my life? Doug Rudy