Essay Description Author
Five Worldviews Dennis outlines the different perspectives that are represented by the broad categories of spiritual beliefs. Dennis McCallum
Follow Up Workshop Dennis McCallum reviews what followup means, who should be engaging and what proper goals should be. Dennis McCallum
For Whom Did Jesus Die? Did Jesus die for everyone or only for those who believe in him? Xenos leader Conrad Hilario examines the historical Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement. Conrad Hilario
Formalism and Prayer We should reject the focus on outward behavior in our prayer life. Dennis critiques the formalism that can destroy our prayer lives. Dennis McCallum
Formalism: What is It and Why Not? Formalism is an improper lens to approaching the Christian life, but one that can creep into our lives and shift our focus from God's concerns. Dennis McCallum
Geisler's Three Schools of Principlized Ethics Dennis provides an overview of three Biblical stances on prioritized ethics and the existence of true moral dilemmas. Dennis McCallum
Goals for Personal Discipleship This paper, adopted for a Xenos leadership class, was written in order to help set Biblical goals in the lives of those striving to be like Christ.
God's Part in Ministry Dennis and Gary provide an outline for understanding God's part in Christian service, as well as verses to study on the topic. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
God's Strategy in Human History: Discussion Questions Dennis and Gary provide some passages for consideration regarding Calvinism and Arminianism. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Grammatical-Historical Hermeneutics for Lay Readers This outline lays out the methods involved in properly interpreting the Bible. Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum
Helping People & Home Groups through Change This essay will help provide a model for helping us motivate people or groups to change, in the direction God intends, and with the motives he prescribes. Doug Patch
Hermeneutical Systems This outline covers various interpretive methods, their histories, and their deficiencies. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Home Church Follow Up It is necessary to have a healthy, Biblical view of what it means to continue to engage those individuals whom God puts in our lives. These authors outline such an approach. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
How to Motivate People Dennis reviews what proper Christian motivation looks like and how to understand if someone is properly motivated. Dennis McCallum
How to Run a Workers Prayer Meeting Read about how to facilitate a productive prayer meeting. Dennis McCallum