Essay Description Author
Dependent Relationship Clusters This is a portion of a book review on the book "Toxic Faith" and discusses notions of dependency, leadership neglect and what kind of emotional support is appropriate. Dennis McCallum
Developing a Theology of Failure This paper is based on a team lecture given by McCallum and DeLashmutt at a Xenos leaders' meeting in the 80's. At that time, some leaders were expressing dismay and confusion because they had, or were, failing at in their groups. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Discovering God Study Guide Dennis McCallum
Discussion Questions on Christology Dennis and Gary provide some questions for you to test your knowledge of Christ. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Double Reference in Biblical Prophecy This outline briefly defines the various double reference prophecy that we see in the Bible. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Early German Lutheran Pietism's Understanding of Justification Gary DeLashmutt examines the views of justification of three early German pietists - Johann Arndt, Philip Jacob Spener and August Hermann Francke. Gary DeLashmutt
Effective Leaders Meetings This essay provides a brief guide on how leaders meetings can help a home group "stay the course." Doug Patch
Eleven Reasons Why Home Fellowship Groups Usually Fail Dennis covers many causes that often play a role in the failure of home groups. Dennis McCallum
Engineering Life: Defining "Humanity" In A Postmodern Age Are basic human rights changing? Jim Leffel examines how we should treat fellow humans in an increasingly postmodern age. Jim Leffel
Ethical Problems in the Pentateuch Dennis and Gary briefly outline a variety of important historical facts that assist in understanding ethical issues in the Old Testament. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Ethical Systems Gary and Dennis outline three ethical systems that base themselves in Scripture. Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum
Evolution and the Bible Jeff and Doug provide an analysis of evolution and its Biblical compatibility. Jeff Gordon, Doug Rudy
Factors in Leading Change in the Church We should consider a number of special factors when our leadership is taking people from an established way of doing things to a new way. Dennis McCallum
Fellowship as a Means of Growth This chart, adapted from Dennis' book, Walking in Victory, lists verses about fellowship and explains what they mean for Christians. Dennis McCallum
Five Views on Sanctification Mike Sullivan offers his reaction to "Five Views on Sanctification." Mike Sullivan