Essay Description Author
"Christian" Cults and Sects This essay helps us to understand how we can discern the difference between legitimate Christian denominations and "Christian" sects by explaining how many modern sects compare to Biblical Christianity. Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum
A Brief History of Literary Theory Chris Lang examines the history of Literary Theory. Chris Lang
A Chronological Study of Paul's Ministry Explore an overview of Paul's life of ministry, beginning with his conversion on the road to Damascus and ending with his martyrdom in Rome. Dennis McCallum
A Problem Passage Interpretation Plan Gary and Dennis briefly outline a helpful approach to interpreting problem passages. Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum
A Vision For Christian Servanthood Elder Dennis McCallum articulates what he saw as the correct vision for Xenos during a time in 1993 when the vision for Xenos was ambiguous and not agreed upon. Dennis McCallum
Against the Traditional Fundamentalist View on the Role of Women in the Church This is an older essay, not produced for an academic audience, but for a small group of women in our church who wanted an explanation for the position I and some other leaders at Xenos take regarding women in ministry. Dennis McCallum
An Approach to Christian Apologetics How effective can Christian apologetics be? On whom does the burden of proof lie? What makes apologetic arguments more or less effective? Dennis McCallum presents an outline answering these and more questions. Dennis McCallum
An Approach to Christian Ethics Gary DeLashmutt presents basic terms involved in understanding Christian ethics, how one can begin interpreting these ethics as found in the Bible, and the applications of these ethics to our culture. Gary DeLashmutt
An Introduction to Alcoholism A counseling overview of understanding alcoholism and the steps to addressing it. Jim Leffel
Apologetics and Worldviews Communication Points Gary and Dennis briefly outline some helpful communication guidelines for discussing worldviews and apologetics. Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum
Application Restrictions This outline briefly discusses a few common errors in applying Biblical passages practically. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Areas of Leadership Responsibility All leaders need to be ready in principle to perform in a variety of areas on occasion. These areas are outlined, along with questions for reflection. Dennis McCallum
As in Adam, So in Christ McCallum explains why position in Christ is the key to real, rather than superficial change in the Christian life. This essay is adapted from his book, Walking in Victory. Dennis McCallum
Balance in Spiritual Experience: "Crisis" vs "Process" When Christians emphasize "crisis" as much as or more than "process," they tend to make some serious mistakes. We should be aware of these mistakes ourselves, and we should help those under our leadership steer clear of them. Gary DeLashmutt
Balancing Home & Church Ministry Doug provides a practical guideline for helping to balance ministry in the home and ministry in the church. Doug Patch