Sanctification (General)

  • Walking in Victory, McCallum
  • Sit, Walk, Stand, Nee
  • Broken Down Houses: Living Productively in a World Gone Bad, Paul Tripp
  • Handbook to Happiness, Dr. Charles R. Solomon
    A practical handbook written in laymen’s terms about the new life we have in Christ.
  • The Normal Christian Life, Nee
  • The Search for Significance, Robert McGee
    Christian Book. This book will help you base your self-worth on Christ’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness. The first section will provide the truth about self-worth from God’s perspective, where the second section will help you apply those truths personally. A practical yet challenging book.
  • Spiritual Maturity, J. Oswald Sanders
    The third book in the Commitment to Spiritual Growth Series, by J. Oswald Sanders, proves to be a blessing to Christians who are seeking depth in their relationship with God. Sanders points out the arresting difference between God's thoughts and man's weakness with a deeper understanding of discipleship.”
  • A Spiritual Clinic, J. Oswald Sanders
  • Praying for "Stuck" Christians by Gary DeLashmutt