• How to Really Love your Child, Ross Campbell
    This bestseller shows you how to demonstrate love to your young children in dozens of ways---from positive eye-contact and physical touch to effective discipline and spiritual nurture.”
  • Relaxed Parent, Tim Smith
    The title may lead you to think this book extols permissiveness but it does not. This book is an excellent start for a good foundation to effective parenting; however, more real life examples would be helpful.”
  • Shepherding A Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp
    Tripp believes the goal of parenting is to shepherd a child’s heart rather than just correct a child’s behavior. He bases this goal on the principle in Luke 6 (the heart as the control center of life). He believes change the heart and you will change the behavior.
  • Parenting Adolescents, Kevin Huggins
    Huggins examines the many ties between rearing mature, Christ-like kids, and developing maturity, wisdom, and Christ-likeness in your own life. Rather than offering a series of formulas designed to generate better behavior in your kids, he shows how the normal ups and downs of family life can be used to build true love and godly character in you and your teens at the same time.”
  • The Moral Child, William Damon
    A secular, scholarly study of moral development in children. Damon’s premise is that the cultivation of empathy is the cornerstone for learning to treat others with justice and maintain mature relationships.”
  • The Manipulative Child, Swihart and Cotter
    Based on 25 years of research, Swihart and Cotter clearly describe how manipulation is the behavior kids learn when their parents are reluctant or afraid to discipline. Although it may seem easier to give in, manipulation will have serious long-term effects on a child’s maturing to successfully meet life’s challenges.”
  • Five Signs of a Loving Family, Gary Chapman
    This book focuses on how to develop a loving family rather than discussing a dysfunctional family. Chapman argues that there are basically five characteristics visible in most healthy families. He discusses how those characteristics can be developed in our families and at the end of each chapter gives practical exercises to encourage development in those areas.
  • Boundaries with Kids, John Townsend and Henry Cloud
    The award-winning authors of Boundaries now show you how to apply their 10 life-changing principles to parenting! Drawing on numerous case studies, Drs. Cloud and Townsend explain how to implement the "preventive medicine" of character development by defining legitimate family
  • A Mother’s Heart, Jean Fleming
    A look at values, vision, and character for the Christian mother.
  • Active Christian Parenting, Augsburg and Fortress
    This book combines skill-based parenting strategies with a focus on Christian values and practice, giving parents the tools to improve parenting skills and develop their children's faith.
  • And Then I had Kids, Susan Yates
    Encouragement for Mothers of Young Children. Practical wisdom, counsel and advice for raising children.
  • And Then I had Teenagers, Susan Yates
    Drawing from her experience raising five teenagers, Yates walks you through everything from preparing for the teen years to letting your teens go. Her insight helps to create open communication, set limits, understand what’s normal (and what’s not!), take advantage of peer pressure, build your teen’s faith, bringing control to out-of-control family life, helping your children develop healthy boundaries, and more.”
  • Complete Book of Baby & Child Care, Paul Reisser
    A one-stop resource that addresses the everyday nuts and bolts of parenting children.
  • Five Love Languages of Teenagers, Gary Chapman
    Just like adults, teenagers need to feel loved, yet communicating love our kids can be challenging, since people naturally give and receive in distinct and often conflicting ways.
  • God’s Design for Sex, Jones & Nystrom.
    Christian Book Series for children to explain sex at different age levels.
  • Greater Expectations, William Damon
    This is an excellent secular perspective. It is more scholarly. “Overcoming the Culture of Indulgence in our Homes and Schools.” Commonly accepted standards have fallen tremendously and so have children's skills and behaviors.
  • Helping Children of Divorce, Susan Diamond
    A handbook for parents and teachers.
  • How to Develop Your Child’s Temperament, Beverly LaHaye
    Learning your child’s temperament, helping with training and discipline. Helpful remarks at end of book about how parents of different temperaments raise their kids.
  • How to Really love your Teenager, Ross Campbell
    Excellent practical advice on how to effectively communicate unconditional love to teenagers. However, much emphasis put on feelings and self-esteem, i.e., if teens are loved well, they won’t get involved in damaging behaviors. The chapters on dealing with anger in our teens and in us are very helpful.
  • Key to Your Child’s Heart, Gary Smalley
    A child-rearing classic (revised and expanded), Gary Smalley cuts to the relational heart of parenting to show you proven parenting methods that can spell the difference between an angry, rebellious, distant child and a happy, cooperative one.”
  • Learning to Let Go, Carol Kuykendall
    This is a good book for fearful or controlling parents. One of the most important challenges God has given to parents is to let go and allow children to grow into healthy, independent adults. Kuykendall's biblically sound advice will show you how to most effectively nurture, and let go little by little as your kids grow.”
  • The New Dare to Discipline, James Dobson
    Child-rearing may be the most important thing we ever do-but few us are trained for it. Here's proven, biblical advice for raising children!”
  • The New Hide or Seek : Building Confidence in your Child, James Dobson
    Few of us measure up to the value judgments society makes. In the updated, 25th-aniversary edition of his classic best seller, Dr. Dobson offers 12 solid strategies for building self-esteem in your kids.”
  • Parenting the Wild Child, Miles McPherson
    Before you surrender, know this: There's Hope! Blending street-wise understanding with biblical truths, Miles McPherson presents uncommon guidance for parents who don't know where to turn. The goal isn't to ‘fix’ your wayward teenager. Rather, you will learn how to help your child want to change his or her rebellious ways.
  • Parenting Today’s Adolescents, Dennis Rainey
    Helping your child avoid the traps of the preteen and teen.
  • Parents Guide to the Best Books for Children, Eden Ross Lipson
    Ideas for great children’s books.
  • Preparing for Adolescence, James Dobson
    Common topics that trouble most adolescents, including inferiority, peer pressure, drug abuse, puberty, sexual development, menstruation, masturbation, romantic love, overcoming discouragement, sound decision-making and handling independence.
  • Raising Cain, Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson
    An excellent examination of pressures that boys face in North American culture. The insights on culture are invaluable to those who are raising boys.”
  • Reviving Ophelia, Mary Pipher
    Very insightful for raising girls.
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen Covey
    Secular. This book addresses the development of a healthy, cohesive family.
  • Sex, strength and the Secrets of Becoming a Man, Donald Joy
    For teenage boys. “Even in this troubled world, it’s still possible to grow up to be a healthy, pure, strong and responsible man.
  • Single parenting, Robert Barnes
    In-depth answers to important questions single parents have. With biblical insight, Barnes points the way to personal and family healing.
  • Solve your Child’s Sleep Problems, Richard Ferber
    The title explains what it is. For younger children, many have found that reading the book, The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin to be very helpful.
  • The Challenging Child, Stanley Greenspan
    Greenspan looks at five different types of "difficult" children: sensitive, self-absorbed, defiant, inattentive, and active/aggressive.”
  • The Gift of the Blessing, Smalley & Trent
    The unconditional love and approval that comes with the blessing is an important element of our self-esteem and emotional well-being. Good for working through past family issues.
  • Train up a Mom, Vollie Sanders
    Sanders shares her 30-plus years of mothering experience to help you focus on God and entrust Him with your children's lives. Includes study questions and suggestions for meditation and prayer.”
  • Understanding Children's Sexual Behaviors - What's Natural and Healthy (Updated and Expanded 2015), Tori Cavanagh Johnson
    This is a great reference for parents and highly recommended.
  • What every Mom Needs: Your Nine Basic Needs, Elisa Morgan and Carol Kuykendall
    Ideas on how to take care of yourself so you can be a better mother.
  • What Really Matters at Home, John and Susan Alexander Yates
    Eight crucial elements for building character in your family.
  • You and Your Child, Charles Swindoll
    This book is full of practical information, sound advice, and solid principles from a well-known Christian writer and teacher, He writes with clarity, humor, and passion about what he has learned from the bible and surviving life "in the trenches."
  • You Can’t Make Me: But I can be Persuaded, Cynthia Tobias
    For parents of a strong-willed child! Writing from personal experience, Tobias provides specific strategies for motivating and disciplining; helping your child succeed; responding appropriately; and strengthening family relationships. You'll gain insights about your child and yourself, and experience greater peace within your whole family”
  • You’re a Better Parent Than You Think, Guarendi, Raymond
    A guide to common-sense parenting.
  • Blended Family/Step-parenting
    • Blended Families, Maxine Marsolini
      The author writes about common feelings of children in blended families. The author uses her experience in a blended family as well as advice from recognized experts and candid stories from children to teach the art of step-parenting.”
    • Blended Family, Tom Frydenger
      The author, a professional family counselor, writes from his own experience, incorporates the experiences of other couples, and gives biblical advice.
    • Helping Children Survive Divorce, Archibald Hart
      This book provides specific ways to help children cope with the difficulties surrounding their parents' divorce. Hart (whose parents divorced when he was 12) urges parents to recognize that divorce is not neutral, or that kids will get over it quickly.
    • Winning the Heart of Your Stepchild, Bob Barnes
      Whether you are presently a stepparent, a dating single parent, or in the courtship stage before marriage, the challenge of blending families is one of the most difficult you will ever face. This is a hands-on guidebook for today's men and women who face the special challenge of blending families. Because children must process so many emotions and thoughts, parents must learn to interpret those feelings and behaviors for any new family to succeed.