Grief, Hardship, Suffering

  • Constructive Suffering (workbook), Amy Moreno & Lee Campbell
    This is not a book for someone in the acute stages of suffering but it is helpful for those who are supporting the suffering; for those who are far enough through their own suffering that they can concentrate and for everyone before they experience hardship and loss.
    This workbook is based on a course by the same name taught by the authors at XCF and will be available later in 2016.
  • Walking with God through Pain and Suffering, Tim Keller
  • The Call to Joy and Pain, Ajith Fernando
  • Shattered Dreams, Larry Crabb
  • Good Grief, Granger Westberg
    A very helpful book to give to someone who is going through grief. The author talks through ten different aspects of grief.
  • Hope when You’re Hurting, Larry Crabb and Dan Allender
    Drs. Larry Crabb and Dan Allender answer four key questions hurting people ask with insights into the pros and cons of different counseling models and into the church's untapped potential as a healing agent.
  • Heaven, Better by Far, J. Oswald Sanders
  • Affliction, Edith Schaeffer
    While not a great writer, Edith has some real gems to share.
  • Suffering and the heart of God: how trauma destroys and Christ restores, Diane Langberg
    An excellent for everyone to read but especially counselors or anyone who wants to help those who have experienced trauma, especially at the hands of those they should be able to trust.
  • Coming Back, Anne Kaiser Stearns
    Secular; practical
  • Disappointment with God, Yancey
  • Don’t Waste Your Cancer, John Piper & David Powlison
    You can download a free PDF file at Desiring God.
  • My Companion through Grief, Gary Kinnaman
  • How Long Oh Lord, D. A. Carson
    This is a thorough theology of suffering by a leading evangelical scholar.
  • When Life Isn’t Fair, Dwight Carlson, M.D. and Susan Carlson Wood
    This book can help you to face the future whether it should involve pain, suffering, and misfortune or not.
  • Another Valley, Another Victory, Another Love, Valetta Steel Crumley
    Valetta lost three children, a husband, then on the mission field was raped. Through it all, her faith was sustained by her love for God and her ability to forgive.
  • Death and the Life After, Billy Graham
    Revealing how to prepare for one's Final Journey in accordance with God's teaching, Dr. Graham offers comforting, Bible-based wisdom for all who wish to gain true biblical understanding of death and the life after.
  • Grace for Grief, Michael and Brenda Pink
    More than a collection of mere platitudes, this timeless volume gently guides the reader on a day-by-day journey toward healing and solace.
  • Heaven, My Father’s House, Anne Graham Lotz
    Combining the apostle John's glorious description of Heaven from Revelation with heart-touching reflections on her own father's charming mountain home, the author weaves a tapestry of truth through this presentation that will take away the fear of death and fill readers with hope for the future.
  • How Can I Live With My Loss?, Tim Jackson
  • How to Recover from Grief, Richard Lewis Detrich, Nicola Steele
    If you have lost a loved one, know of a friend who is grieving, or are a pastor, counselor, or church leader, this book is for you. It will provide you with tools for understanding what is happening and will help you to combat the fear and confusion that often accompany grieving.
  • In Light of Eternity, Randy Alcorn
    The deepest longing of your heart is for one person and one place. Jesus is that person. Heaven is that place. A thousand counterfeits vie for your attention, trying to convince you that they are what you're looking for. But you'll never find true satisfaction with what the Shadowlands of this world have to offer. What you really crave can only be found in the land of substance: heaven. In Light of Eternity will grip your soul and open your eyes to the realities of heaven.
  • Bereavement
    • A Grace Disguised, Jerry Sittser
      "It's a word that many of us fear and few of us can evade. It stalked Jerry Sittser one night and struck with full fury on a lonely road in Idaho. In an instant, a tragic accident claimed his mother, his wife, and his young daughter. But this is not a book about one man's sorrow. Rather, it is a moving meditation on the losses we all suffer and the grace that can transform us.”
    • A Grief Observed, C.S. Lewis
      While not the best option for the recently bereaved, it is full of insight and comfort.
    • The Bereaved Parent, Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
      A minor classic in the literature of grief, used by many self-help groups and professionals. Practical without being artificial, this is a helpful handbook even many years after the loss.
    • Life After the Death of my Son. What I'm Learning, Dennis L Apple.
      The author’s son died unexpectedly. This is a realistic & practical description from a Christian perspective.
    • When Your Soul Aches, Lois Mowday Rabey
      Help and hope for a widow's heart. In the weeks and months following the loss of her husband, a widow may be numb with shock--or feel overwhelmed by a wide range of heartrending, and at times conflicting, emotions. Regardless of her response, she needs to know that she can and will make it through this difficult time. And she needs to know that--no matter how it feels--she is not alone.
    • Lament for a Son, Nicholas Wolterstorff.
      This is a small book but very, very good for someone who has lost a child in any way (this author lost his son in a mountain climbing accident - not to suicide). It is Christian based. If I remember correctly the author is a Pastor and the book is actually three separate sermons he did after his son's death.
    • To Fly Again, Gracia Burnham
      Gracia Burnham's husband died in the Philippines after being held captive for a year. She writes her reflections during that year on yielding control and finding hope when life throws a person in a tailspin.
    • Living Through Mourning, Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
      With tenderness and wisdom, Harriet Sarnoff Schiff writes about the feelings of isolation, fear, anger, and loss that are common to friends and relatives when a loved one dies.
  • Bereavement support services
    • Navigating Your Grief (a ministry of XCF) is a 10-week workshop designed to encourage, educate, and equip individuals who are grieving the death of a loved one. This workshop utilizes the GriefShare videos as well as group discussion to help people at all stages of grief understand the grief experience and obtain the tools to move through it. It presents a Biblical perspective on grief, suffering, and trust in God. The workshop offers comfort and support to those grieving as well as practical suggestions and reassurances through interviews with counselors, grief experts, and others who have experienced the pain of losing a loved one. New sessions begin on the second Tuesday each September and the first Wednesday each January. For more information, email
    • Good Grief (a ministry of XCF) is a bimonthly discussion group for college age and young adults who have been impacted by death. Grieving as a young adult can cause unique challenges. Meeting others in their age group who have lost a friend or family member can help normalize the experience for 20-somethings, who often do not know anyone else who has experienced the death of a loved one. The Good Grief group meets to discuss the ways in which the death of a loved one continues to affect our daily lives and how to look to God for comfort, strength, and encouragement. For more information, email (a ministry of XCF) Mothers and fathers who chose abortion need help to resolve the shame and guilt. It is the privilege of the community of believers to serve them in love and to help reconcile them to God and others. Contact Barb Hulett (614) 823-6510 x 1727
  • Bereavement through suicide
    • Grieving a Suicide - A Loved One's Search for Comfort, Answers and Hope, Albert Y Hsu.
      The author is a Christian & writes about his journey after his Dad's suicide. This has a heavier focus on scripture than the other books listed here. So, it might not be a book to consider if the loss is recent.
    • Finding Your Way after the Suicide of Someone You Love, David B Bielbel and Suzanne L Foster.
      This is a helpful book for those recently bereaved in this manner. It will help survivors know what to expect, especially during the first year following a suicide. It includes personal stories of survivors.
    • Aftershock - Help, Hope, and Healing in the Wake of Suicide, David Cox and Candy Arrington
    • Goodbye Jeanine, Joyce Sackett
      This book... "was raw and hopeful for me. I wasn't able to concentrate for long and this book was just snippits of the Mom's journaling so I could read it in small nuggets. Warning: this book includes a heartwrenching detailed account of Mom & Dad trying to revive their daughter.”