• The Anger Trap, Les Carter
    Dr. Les Carter is a nationally recognized expert on the topics of conflict resolution, emotions, and spirituality, and coauthor of the bestselling The Anger Workbook. This practical book shows how to understand and overcome unhealthy anger.
  • Feeling Good Handbook, chapters 18-22, David Burns, M.D
    Filled with charts, quizzes, weekly self-assessment tests, and a daily mood log, The Feeling Good Handbook actively engages its readers in their own growth.
  • Make Anger Your Ally, Neil Warren
    Warren writes about how to make anger work FOR rather than AGAINST you by transforming the anger energy into a dynamic force for positive living. This book provides a practical and biblical "training manual" on how to successfully make anger your ally.
  • Overcoming Hurts & Anger, Dwight Carlson
    Christian book. People have often been told to deny or suppress the dark and undesirable side of their personalities. The result says psychiatrist Dwight L. Carlson, is the ‘emotionally crippled’ personality that is the most vulnerable of all. In this enlightening book, Dr. Carlson shows us how to confront our feelings and negative emotions in order to experience liberation and fulfillment. He presents seven practical steps to help us identify and cope with hurt and anger.
  • Anger is a Choice, Phillips & LaHaye
    This book describes how to keep anger under instead of in control. There is an "Anger Inventory" and other exercises that offer help.
  • Hidden Rift with God, William Backus
    Unbalanced emotions, improper reactions, and inappropriate behaviors are only symptoms of rifts with God. Rather than accepting God's view of what is good for them, people disagree and drive themselves away from His love and care.