High-level Elder Qualifications

All of our elders have had extensive experience in house church planting, and have proven records of raising up other leaders through their personal discipleship ministries. Our elders have a highly active role and significant time commitment as part of their responsibilities. 

What Our Elders Do

Xenos elders (i.e., Board of Trustees) set the doctrinal and spiritual standards and the strategic vision for the church. They also assist in tactical implementation of key policies and programs for Xenos. All Xenos elders are responsible to attend two board meetings each month to set church direction and strategic vision. In addition, the elders invest three weeks each year in retreats, sometimes traveling to other churches and ministries in the U.S., to seek out best (and sometimes questionable) church practices while setting concrete vision for Xenos’ future.

Pastoral Leadership

Gary DeLashmutt - Lead Pastor

Picture of Gary DeLashmutt

Gary is the Senior Sphere Leader and primary teacher of our Sunday morning adult 4th Street Central Teaching. An author, he also teaches a Homiletics Workshop and other training courses in Xenos. He and his wife, Bev, lead a post-college home group near The Ohio State University, and have raised up leaders and planted several home churches over the years. Gary holds a B.A. in history from Ohio State and an M.A. from Ashland Theological Seminary. They have two grown daughters. Together with Dennis McCallum, Gary co-oversees all senior sphere leaders in student and adult ministry.

Dennis McCallum - Lead Pastor

Picture of Dennis McCallum

Dennis is a lecturer, an author of several books, a teacher of leadership classes, a leader and teacher at the Campus Bible Study near Ohio State. As college home group leaders, he and his wife, Holly, have raised up leaders and planted several college home churches. Dennis holds a B.A. in history from Ohio State and an M.A. from Ashland Theological Seminary. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Scott Arnold - Senior Sphere Leader


Scott is the primary teacher for the Xenos’ Franklinton (or West side) Central Teaching. He also is the executive director of Central Ohio Youth for Christ, a partner with Xenos in urban youth work. Scott serves on the national YFC/USA board and on the advisory team of Mission Columbus. Scott received a psychology degree from Ohio State and masters of biblical studies from Ashland Seminary. He and his wife, Annette, have been Xenos home group leaders and teachers for more than two decades. They have two children.

Conrad Hilario - Senior Sphere Leader

Conrad leads one of the most dynamic spheres in our campus ministry. He has successfully planted a number of home churches and he has raised up numerous other home church leaders. Conrad also completed his MA and teaches LTC. Conrad and his wife Hilary have two children--Julius and Lorenzo "Renny."

Dr. Jody Kear

Picture of Jody Kear

Jody has taught various Xenos classes and leads an adult home group. Since 1983, he and his wife, Sue, have led home groups, raised up new leaders and planted more than eight home churches. He graduated with a B.A. from Case Western Reserve University and pursued a masters from Ashland Theological Seminary. Jody received his DDS from Ohio State and owns a dental practice. They have three children.

Jim Leffel - Senior Sphere Leader

Picture of Jim Leffel

Jim leads our Sunday evening Main Campus Central Teaching where he oversees a sphere of adult home churches. He and his wife, Linda, have raised up leaders and planted several home churches since 1990. He also serves as the church’s director of theological education and teaches Xenos adult education classes. Jim received a B.A. in philosophy at Ohio State, and an M.A. in philosophy of religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Jim is an author and former college lecturer. Leffels have two children.

Ryan Lowery - Senior Sphere Leader

Ryan Lowery

Ryan grew up in Columbus, graduated with a B.A. in history from Ohio State, and received a masters from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  Ryan came to Christ through Xenos' High school ministry in 1994, and has been learning about God and trying to grow with Him ever since.  He and his wife Jess have two children and live in Westerville where they lead a home group.  Ryan spends most of his time working with his sphere's home group leaders, preparing classes and teaching at our Main Campus Cafe. As Ryan states, "One of the greatest joys in my life, is working with my family and friends to help young families learn and grow in their faith. Xenos is the most exciting and vibrant community I have ever been a part of."

John McKewen

Picture of John McKewen

John leads the GIFT (Generous Investments in Future Treasures) ministry team and serves as primary leader of our financial stewardship workshops. He is a registered investment advisor, and owns a local investment management firm. John leads adult home groups with his wife, Jayne Ann (a key director in our children’s program). They have three children.

Scott Risley - Senior Sphere Leader

Scott has been part of the college ministry since 1996. He married his wife Chris in 2003 and they have two children - Sophia and Matt. Before coming on staff as a sphere leader with the college group Scott studied computer science engineering at OSU and worked for several years in software consulting. He also earned an MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Scott currently serves as an elder, oversees a sphere of of college and high school home groups, teaches one of the college CT's and also teaches a number of different classes at Xenos.

James Rochford - Senior Sphere Leader

James has been leading a Xenos church sphere since 2012. He teaches classes and Central Teachings as well. He married his wife, Duyen, in 2010. He is also the author of Evidence Unseen and Endless Hope or Hopeless End.

Administrative Leadership

Pat Reeder

Picture of Pat Reeder

Pat oversees the Equipping Division, which includes our Adult Education ClassesStudy Center (our church resource center and library), and our Master's Degree program. Pat brings education experience from teaching college courses at Ohio State and Kenyon College. He has a PhD in Philosophy and an MSc in Mathematics from OSU. With his wife Abbi, Pat helps lead a home group of college students.

Joe Botti

Picture of Joe Botti

Joe manages and administers the largest staffing group of the church. The ministries in his division include our children's program (Oasis), and Junior High, High School and College ministries. He also helps oversee Calumet Christian School. Still, he's not just in the office. In addition to coaching leaders of student home groups, Joe and his wife help lead in the college and high school ministries.

Dave Glover

Picture of Dave Glover

Dave oversees the Xenos Missions Division and Urban Concern, our church-based ministry to the poor. Dave is also a seasoned adult and student worker. Dave along with his wife lead a college home church.

Phil Franck

Picture of Phil Franck

Phil oversees Evangelism Impact Ministries and Servant Team administration. He shares responsibilities in the departments of Pastoral Counseling and Communications. As a sphere leader, Phil also oversees many home groups and leads one.

Steve Bauer

Picture of Steve Bauer

Steve leads the largest supporting division in Xenos, from the standpoint of cost. He oversees our innovative budgetary and stewardship programs as well as finance & accounting, facilities and grounds across all our Columbus locations, information services, technical and food services for meetings and our office service staff. Steve also serves as corporate treasurer and secretary for Xenos and Urban Concern, and secretary of the Management Team. He is senior leader of a diverse adult home group.