Jim Leffel

Greetings! I'm Jim Leffel. It's my privilege teach Central Teachings and adult education classes. I spend much of my time writing curriculum, teaching and overseeing the development of new classes and teachers. I served as the director of The Crossroads Project, an apologetics ministry designed to equip Christians to understand and effectively communicate to our postmodern culture. I publish essays on Christianity and contemporary culture, host our Xenos Summer Institute and speak at university, missionary, and church groups.

I became a Christian in 1976, my first year at The Ohio State University, through the ministry of Xenos. I spent the next four years going to school and living in a Christian ministry house, which in those days was the hub of Xenos fellowship activities. Those were formative years for me. I was encouraged to delve deeply into the scripture and serve needs in the fellowship. Through this experience, I cultivated a strong burden for a life of Christian ministry. After completing a BA in philosophy at Ohio State, I went to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where I received an MA in philosophy of religion. At Trinity I had the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. William Lane Craig, one of today's leading philosophers of religion. Since graduating from Trinity, the Lord has opened many doors for me to teach philosophy and the humanities. Before joining the Xenos staff, I taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1985), College of Lake County (1985-87), McHenry College (1987) and Columbus State Community College (1988-90). I also taught in the philosophy and theology department of Ohio Dominican College (1995-99).

Linda, my wife of more than 20 years, and I are the proud parents of Timothy and Amy. Linda and I lead an adult home group.

If you have any comments or questions about the Xenos adult education program, feel free to e-mail me at LeffelJ@xenos.org. I'm always excited to share what we're doing here at Xenos, or just discussing the many challenges witnessing Christians face in today's culture.