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  Hi! I'm Dennis McCallum. Thanks for visiting my page.

My new book just came out from Bethany House! cover

This is the book I'm most excited for people in the church at large to read.





I love getting feedback of all kinds. I would be happy to answer questions or respond to comments or criticism. Let's talk!

Information About Me

I am a husband and father of three kids, serving as lead pastor of Xenos Fellowship, which is a house church planting ministry. My wife is Holly, and my kids are Jessica, Joe and Bret. We're all involved in this wonderful Christian community, growing together as God uses us to bless others. Holly serves as Director of Missions Mobilization, and Jess and her husband, Ryan lead a cluster of home churches in the adult ministry. Joe and Bret both lead home churches in the College Ministry and in the high school ministry.

I love hanging around with the hundreds of excited and motivated Christian servants in our group, and sharing the love of God with each other and those outside the church.

I've been here since 1970 when I was a sophomore in college. I had recently come to faith in Christ and left the party lifestyle to follow Him. My brother and I, with some friends, started a Bible study in our rooming house because we couldn't find a place to bring our friends where they would feel comfortable. Our little study has now grown into a church of almost 5,000 people, made up of nearly 300 house churches in central Ohio. Unlike a lot of house church networks, we have an eldership and large, city-wide meetings too.

I'm still here teaching the Bible and training leaders of home groups. Cooking and hunting wild mushrooms are my main hobbies.

Apart from my role as an elder and member of the management team, I serve in our Central Teachings and in the College outreach. I teach a course on leadership on Wednesday evenings.

I'm also an author, and these are my books. You can see pictures and descriptions of them, and download FREE Study Guides and/or discounts on these pages:

  • Satan and his Kingdom (Bethany House, 2009), I'm tired of extremist books on Satan. This one answers some key quesitons with a new take, like "Why did Satan help kill Jesus?" Learn why a peacetime mentality is ruining the quality of church life in America.
  • Organic Disciplemaking (Touch Publications, 2006), is the supreme explanation for how we do ministry at Xenos. I've been told by many other pastors that there is nothing like it in America. I wonder why not? Or is that even true? You be the judge.
  • Christianity: The Faith That Makes Sense (Tyndale House Publishers, 1992), is a tool used in witnessing. The fourth printing is just hitting the shelves (winter, 1997), and it's a completely new edition, specially rewritten with postmodern culture in view.
  • The Summons, (NavPress) won the Campus Life Book of the Year Contest "Award of Merit" for 1994. You can now get the entire book from this site FOR FREE!
  • Walking in Victory: Experiencing the Power of Your Identity in Christ, (NavPress, Xenos) is a study of spiritual growth based on Romans 5-8.
  • Spiritual Relationships That Last (Xenos Publishing) is about how to prepare for, and build, a Christ-centered marriage. This books takes an unusual line I think you will find interesting. Also, be sure to get the free study guide.
  • The Death of Truth (Bethany) is about how postmodernism is revolutionizing our society and how we, as Christians, should respond.
  • Hey! If you send me a comment or question on something I've written, be sure to say which one you're referring to.

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