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Summer Institute Inspires Guests

Even though it may have been raining outside, the weather didn’t stop us from soaking up the teachings at the Xenos Summer Institute (XSI). 

“Fighting For Delight in God's Word by John Cleary was inspiring and comforting. It reminded me that God's work doesn't have to be a chore and it’s really something to we can delight in,” said Hannah Martino, from Michigan. This was one of the breakout sessions that she enjoyed the most.

About 3,600 people attended the Summer Institute, of which hundreds were guests. We had nearly the same number of guests as last year. 

The most heavily attended plenary session was the Thursday evening teaching by D. A. Carson, Understanding for the Simple, out of Psalm 119. The breakout sessions were also very popular with no major overcrowding in the classrooms. Hannah’s brother, Brett, attended his first XSI and said, “It was an amazing answer to prayer! God spoke and it wasn't a whisper!

Harambee Christian School Celebrates 20 Years!

On Saturday, May 13, more than 350 adults and youth attended a celebration of Harambee Christian School's 20th Anniversary. The carnival-themed event included a bounce house and dunk tank, as well as caricatures, face-painting, cupcake decorating, a magician and hip-hop dancing. Volunteers grilled and served the food. And parents who were interested in learning more about the school took tours of the facility.

A special plaque was awarded to Executive Director & Principal, Alex Steinman, for his 20 years of leadership and excellence.

Wanted: Tech Savvy Professionals

Do you have a flexible schedule during the week? Do you love meeting new people both inside and outside of the church? Are you looking to earn some additional money? 

Are you able to troubleshoot problems on your own? 
We are looking for a few people who are available between 7 am and 5 pm on weekdays for occasional work helping groups and organizations with their audio and visual needs. These groups rent out Xenos locations to hold meetings, conferences and events. 
Applicants can specify the days/times when they are available. Ideal candidates would be available 1-2 weekdays each week and must be available during the day (between 7 am - 5 pm). 

Helping a Hurting Friend

When people we care about are going through painful circumstances sometimes it's hard to know how to help.  The biblical counselors at Xenos offer the following advice.

Bev DeLashmutt says when we have a friend who is hurting and we can't relate to their pain that 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4 is a good place to start.  It states that, "...the God of ALL comfort who comforts us in ALL our afflictions so that we may comfort those who are in ANY affliction..."  Bev said she has learned from this verse that it is more important to teach someone how to receive God's comfort than be able to relate to their experience. She tells them the many ways that God has comforted her and assures them that God wants to give comfort in their time of need also. 

Counselors Give Advice for Healthy Marriages

We asked Xenos counselors for their advice on how to keep marriages strong.

Learn to laugh at yourselves and practice the 'one another commands' at home and in ministry,” Bev DeLashmutt suggests.

Connie Rue likes the idea from The Relationship Cure by John Gottman - you learn to recognize when your spouse is bidding to be connected to you (hint: it may not always be something that you immediately recognize). Once you notice their bids, you can practice turning towards those bids to connect with each other.

Ben Foust reminds husbands and wives to have the phrase “I was wrong” in your marriage toolbox and to use those words to repair when you’ve messed up.

Practice gratitude for your spouse. Even their weaknesses are God’s blessing to you and part of his plan for your continued maturity,” Chris Risley reminds. She also suggests turning off the TV or closing the laptop/tablet to spend time relating to each other.

Advice for Your Quiet Time with God

We know it’s important to spend time with God: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33), “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105), and “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8). And yet it can be really hard to consistently spend time focused on God and to protect against legalism during that time.

We asked Xenos church leaders what they do to keep their quiet time with God fresh.

Gary DeLashmutt, lead pastor, says he begins by asking God for open eyes. And he mixes things up. “Sometimes I read through a book of the Bible. There are times that I read a smaller passage for several days and try to memorize it. Or at times I get arrested by a Biblical theme and look at different passages on that theme. When I’m feeling depressed or under accusation, I just read passages about God’s love and promises.”

Join the 2017 Xenos Summer Institute Prayer Group

You can have an important job from the comfort of your home. That sounds too good to be true, but it is! We need prayer warriors for the Xenos Summer Institute.

Kim Van Keuls, External Relations Director remarks, “Every year we see God come through in jaw-dropping ways. I’ve been involved with XSI for about 10 years. The one thing we can count on is that things do not go perfectly or according to plan. What I hope is that our team would be quick to seek God in our ‘moment of need’ because no one has a more invested interest in using this event to equip people for ministry than God.“

Advice on Building Friendships, Part 2

We heard advice from several Xenos Biblical counselors last week on how to build friendships.

Friendships are vital to our fellowship as we seek to live out an Acts 2:42 lifestyle. 

Veteran counselor Bev DeLashmutt says, “Those who go out to find a friend, often do not find one. Those who go out to be a friend, find many.” She suggests reviewing the “one another” commands and being committed to practicing them with all the people in your life, whether they are friends or not, or whether you like them or not. Loving God’s Way by Gary DeLashmutt is a great book about applying the one another passages in community.

Counselors Offer Advice on Building Friendships

At the heart of Xenos Christian Fellowship are home churches, where people gather and really get to know one another. But it’s not always easy to form friendships. We asked the Xenos Biblical counselors for their advice.

“Learn to be a good listener – people will think you’re a great conversationalist if you work on active listening. Remember what they said to you and follow up on it later,” suggests Chris Risley.

When it comes to improving listening skills, Connie Rue suggests keeping your mouth closed, make eye contact with the person speaking and focus on what they are saying. Asking clarifying questions can also help.

Xenos sphere leader and counselor Ben Foust suggests that you try seeing how far you can get in a conversation just asking questions rather than sharing your own thoughts and opinions.

Xenos Counselors' Recap Favorite Parenting Advice


We asked Xenos’ Biblical Counselors what was the best parenting advice they have ever heard. Perhaps some of these ideas will intrigue you or spark a conversation in your family.

Chris Risley advocates for getting a regular date with each of your kids. “When they’re little, you may be going to McDonald’s so they can get chicken nuggets, but it’s worth it. Occasionally, they’ll give you a golden insight into what they’re thinking about.”  She also remembers the advice, “Turn off the TV.”