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Winter 2nd Session Classes 2015

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Please read the class description to ensure you meet any prerequisites for the class you have chosen.

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You will receive an email with all the class details a few days before class starts.
Some classes may already be full. Other classes may have prerequisites (read the class descriptions below for more information). If you cannot be enrolled, you will be notified by the registrar within a week.

Where will my class meet? Xenos classes meet at our main campus (1390 Community Park Drive) and at our office (1340 Community Park Drive). If noted, some classes will meet at the 4th Street Pavilion (1934 N. Fourth Street). (All in Columbus, Ohio.) Map

How do I pay? Students pay tuition on the first night of class - please bring exact change: cash or check.

Xenos Class Descriptions

Xenos Core Classes:

Bring your kids (infants through 10 years old) to class with you on Saturday mornings. Our trained childcare staff will watch your children so you can focus on class.  (only $10 per family added to fee)
Please indicate the # of your children who need childcare and their ages on your registration

a 5-week class with Pat Reeder
Whether you’re discovering the Bible for the first time, or eager to rekindle your passion for Scripture, this course will help you understand, enjoy and obey God’s Word in ways that draw you near to Christ and transform your life.  With Childcare

Saturdays, 9 - 11 a.m.   
February 21 – March 21
$38/adult or $12/student + $5 for Childcare
(Register before 2/19)


Xenos Elective Classes:

a 5-week class with Bev DeLashmutt
This class will discuss God's purpose for marriage. We will lay the foundational essentials for a successful marriage and identify the factors that hinder it. Great for engaged and newly married couples.

Wednesdays, 7 – 10 p.m.
February 18 – March 18
$38/adult | $70/adult couple or $12/student | $20/student couple
(register before 2/17)


a 4-week class with Kevin Furno
We probably all have experienced relationships where unresolved conflicts, outbursts of anger, refusal to forgive, and lack of love investment drives us to feelings of frustration, despair and ultimately isolation. God tells us that he created humans in his image - as persons designed for personal love relationships. Healthy relationships are evidenced by loving each other as Christ loves us, by preserving the unity we have with each other, forgiving wrongs against us, and guarding against negative emotions like anger poisoning us against others. This class focuses on understanding God's way of resolving conflict, forgiving, and investing in others through learning, discussing and applying God’s love for us.

Wednesdays, 7 – 9:30 p.m.
February 18 – March 11
$30/adult or $10/student
(register before 2/17)

a 4-week class with Cindy Botti & Julie  Francis
Are you a woman who struggles with issues like viewing pornography, sexual fantasy, and lust? Or are you someone simply hoping to understand God's view of sexuality more thoroughly? No matter what your situation, Sexual Integrity for Women is designed to educate women on sexuality and addiction while providing a safe environment for fruitful discussion. This 4-week class and small group discussion will provide information, guidance and much needed answers to getting freedom from sexual sin and discovering God's plan for true sexual fulfillment.

This class will meet at the 4th St. Pavilion: 1934 N. 4th St, 43201

Saturdays, 9 – 11:30 a.m.
February 21 – March 21 (skip 3/14)
$10 for all (register before 2/19)


a 4-week class with Joe McCallum

Have you ever thought about starting new church—not a new home group, but an entirely new church in a new location? In this course, students will learn how new churches start, who is well suited to plant them, and why churches like ours need to plant new ones. We’ll hear from church planters who have successfully started new churches, and study church planting movements in the past and present. If you think God may be calling you to start a new church, God may use this course to sharpen your vision!

This class will meet at the 4th St Pavilion: 1934 N. 4th St, 43201

Saturdays, 9 – 11:30 a.m.
February 21 – March 21 (skip 3/14)
$30/adult or $10/student
(register before 2/19)

Teachers' Assistants:

Each class needs one or more TAs to assist with the class. TA tasks include attending every class, arriving 30 minutes early, taking attendance, collecting class tuition and collecting homework. In return, class tuition is waived for anyone serving as the TA. If you are interested in serving as the TA for your class, check the box in the registration form when you sign up. If the TA position for your class is still open, the class registrar will contact you to provide further details and to confirm if you will be the TA.

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