Worksheet of Psalm 142


Passage: Psalm 142


Date: May 27, 1997

Structural Context:

In a collection of psalms by David - an instructive psalm

Written when fleeing Saul (see. 1 Sam. 22 or 24)

Passage Outline:

vs. 1-2 Express feelings to God

vs. 3-4 Affirm God’s presence

vs. 5-6 Affirm God’s power

vs. 7 Affirm God’s purpose and future provision


Draw near to God in overwhelming circumstances and trust God to be in control and "rescue" you.


Avoid God during overwhelming circumstances and rely on self to be rescued.

Goal: To teach my audience to ask God for help praying God’s way and for God’s things



Supply context of psalm

Define overwhelming circumstances now

Major Points:

I.. Express your feelings to God honestly

A. David’s way

  1. Verbs - pour, declare, cry = deep honesty with God.
  2. Reason: God is personal = He listens and cares
  3. Result: established intimacy, able to proceed to next aspects of prayer

B. My way (Antithesis of David’s)

1. Withdraw from interaction with God

2. Reasons: don’t want to admit vulnerability; don’t want to feel pain w/ acknowledging

3. Result: not able to proceed to next aspects, loneliness, despair, autonomy




Joy and peace are found in drawing near to God. David enjoyed seeing God’s provisions and protection. We can also.





Non-Christian co-workers sabotaging a Christian

People slandering you





Antithesis of a personal God - "a life force" = impersonal, "a deist concept" = uninvolved and unconcerned, Allah = to high and distinct to pour out personal complaints

Illustration: A dog, when injured, retreats to corner and licks its own wounds.




Application: Lean against instinct to self-protect during overwhelming circumstances -draw near to God.